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    • Does Time to the Operating Room Affect Outcomes in Odontogenic Infection Patients?

      Brown, Kiara; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
      The purpose of this study is to determine if there is any correlation between delayed time to the operating room from patient entrance to the hospital and complications that may have occurred during that hospitalization. Complications during hospitalization are often expensive as they may require a prolonged hospital stay, more expensive medications and specialized care. Often times, complications lead to increased morbidity and mortality.
    • Importance of Records and Occlusal Schemes in Advance Implant Prosthodontics

      Blackwell, Thomas; Metzler, Kurt; Romero, Mario (2020-02)
      The objective of this case report is to highlight the importance of obtaining proper records when using them for advanced fixed prosthodontics, to illustrate how this effects occlusion of a prosthesis and importance of denture occlusal concepts in fixed prosthesis as well. Finally, to highlight some of the benefits of an implant supported fixed denture (hybrid) that is acrylic with a metal substructure bar.
    • Mandibular OverDenture: From Treatment Planning to Implant Placement

      Blackman, Robin; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      Dentists are often searching for a simple and effective way to predictably place implants in predetermined accurate locations based on CBCT measurements. This presentation poster seeks to explore a way to have predictable results from planning to placement of implants for a Mandibular OverDenture.
    • Adjunct Post-Operative Analgesia Following Uncomplicated 3rd Molar Removal

      Benton, Bryan; James, Jeffrey; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
      The purpose of the study will be to determine if bupivacaine liposome injection following uncomplicated extraction of bilateral third molar teeth will improve outcomes. Specific outcomes being studied are postoperative pain levels, postoperative analgesic use to include narcotic analgesics, return to preoperative oral function, and patient satisfaction.
    • Commercial Post-Cure unit and a UV Hand-gel Light Irradiance Differences

      Baldock, Will; Brenes, Christian; Rueggeberg, Fred; Messer, Regina; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      3D printing users often use off-brand devices for providing post-cure polymerization of 3D photo-fabricated devices: such as inexpensive UV hand-gel lights. This project sought to determine differences in spectral irradiance between two types of post-curing devices.
    • Novel Role of Homocysteine in Bone Remodeling

      Rajpurohit, Pragya; Gamal, Mikael; Kira, Dina; Samra, Yara; Awad, Mohamed; Kurago, Zoya; Elsalanty, Mohammed; Tawfik, Amany; Oral Biology (2020-02)
      Homocysteine (Hcy) is a sulfur-containing amino acid which is well-known as a risk factor for neurodegenerative, cardiovascular diseases and was suggested as a risk factor for osteoporotic fractures. The current study is aiming to investigate the role of Hcy in bone remodeling (metabolism).
    • Periodontal pathogens and vision loss?! Systematic Review

      Swaminathan, Radhika; Cutler, Christopher W; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      Over the years, epidemiological studies have brought evidences that links oral diseases especially periodontal with many systemic diseases including cardiovascular disease, respiratory infection, diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes, neurodegenerative disease including cancers. Recent limited evidence indicates correlation between eye diseases and Periodontal diseases (PD). Our objective is to systematically review the association of Periodontitis and Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the prominent cause of vision loss in elderly.
    • Exposure Duration and Adhesive Cure Uniformity Under a Stainless Steel Bracket

      Patel, Mohit; Moquin, Caitlin; DeLeon, Eladio; Fortson, Weston; Mettenburg, Don; Rueggeberg, Fred; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      Determine the effect of curing light exposure on adhesive paste hardness underneath a simulated stainless steel bracket.
    • The Crosstalk between Del-1 and IL-23 in periodontitis: A novel therapeutic modality

      Khodadadi, Hesam; Emami, Golnaz; Salles, Evila; Ghaly, Mira; Mozaffari, Mahmood; Baban, Babak; Oral Biology (2020-02)
      Periodontitis is a prevalent disorder with impairment of immune and inflammatory responses contributing importantly to its pathogenesis. In fact it is it is the host response to the biofilm that destroys the periodontium in the pathogenesis of the disease. As our understanding of pathways of inflammation has matured, however, the precise molecular and cellular basis of resolution of inflammation remain uncleared. DEL-1 (developmental endothelial locus-1) is a secreted multidomain protein that inhibits leukocyte–endothelial adhesion, binding to the LFA-1 integrin resulted in suppression of inflammatory responses. The expression of Del-1 is shown to be inhibited by the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-17. One of the major cytokines which has been shown to be a key protein for expression and maintenance of IL-17 is IL-23. The relationship between Del-1 and IL-23 is remained unknown. Based on our preliminary data, we investigated the interaction between Del-1 and IL-23 in a murine model of periodontitis.
    • Exosomes Equipped with Immunoregulatory Cargo Inhibit Oral Degenerative Bone Disease In vivo

      Elashiry, Mahmoud; Pacholczyk, Rafal; Hamrick, Mark; Liu, Yuti; Arbab, Ali; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      Histopathological study of periodontitis (PD) lesions at sites of bone loss reveals infiltration with dendritic cells (DC) and CD4+ T cell clusters. DCs can direct bone protective T-regulatory cell (Tregs) responses, or bone destructive T-helper 17 (Th17). The use of exosomes (EXO), natural nano-particles released by DCs and other cells, are under intense scrutiny in clinical trials for autoimmune diseases and cancer, but no studies to date have harnessed DC-derived EXO to regulate alveolar bone loss in PD. This study aims to determine the ability of custom DC-derived EXO to regulate immune cell functions of recipient DCs and Tcells, and mitigate inflammatory bone loss in mice.
    • Frequency of Adequate Mesiodistal Space and Faciolingual Alveolar Width for Implant Placement at Human Anterior Tooth Positions

      Wilson, James P.; Fort Gordon (2020-02)
      Investigators have defined a minimum mesiodistal space requirement for dental implant sites, and failure to observe this constraint may adversely impact peri-implant health and esthetics. However, no prior report establishes frequencies at which human anterior tooth positions present favorable mesiodistal space for accommodating a dental implant.
    • Effect of anodized abutments on color of lithium disilicate crowns

      Waldron, Joshua R.; Aita-Holmes, Cynthia; McPherson, James; Prasad, Balakrishna; Fort Gordon (2020-02)
      Determine the effect that titanium abutments anodized in a wide range of color have on the final shade of high translucency lithium disilicate crowns.
    • Molar Distalization via Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon with Dental Implant Anchorage

      Vargas, Anthony A.; Bruin, Daniel; Stewart, Michael; Wilding, Jake; Dunham, Daniel; Weber, Diana; Johnson, Thomas; Fort Gordon (2020-02)
      Introduction of a surgical insult in conjunction with orthodontic therapy has been shown to accelerate treatment in minor tooth movement and comprehensive orthodontic cases by induction of the regional acceleratory phenomenon. When applying this concept to a molar tipped into an adjacent edentulous site, a dental implant can be planned to anchor the movement.
    • Non-thermal gas plasma treatment of diamond-coated dental burs

      Sparks, Joshua; Dimalanta, Walter; McPherson, James; Dickinson, Douglas; Fort Gordon (2020-02)
      Manufacturers produce multi-use burs for dental professionals. Although these burs have FDA clearance to be re-used if re-processed according to manufacturer’s instructions, there is still concern as it relates to infection control. This project compared the bioburden on soiled diamond burs after re-processing using manufacturer’s instructions and after adding non-thermal plasma gas treatment to manufacturer’s protocols.
    • Effect of Various Cleaning Methods on Resin Bond Strength of Saliva-Contaminated Ceramic Surfaces

      Oh, Jenny J.; Dimalanta, Walter G.; Aita-Holmes, Cynthia; McPherson III, James; Dickinson, Douglas; Fort Gordon (2020-02)
      Bond strength between dental ceramics and resin cement is essential for long-term survival. Maximum bond strength requires a clean intaglio surface, free of contaminants that could interfere with bonding. This study investigated the effect of different cleaning methods on the shear bond strength of saliva-contaminated ceramic surfaces to resin cement.
    • Digital Workflow for Improved Accuracy and Efficiency in Developing a Diagnostic Wax-up for a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

      Aita-Holmes, Cynthia; Fort Gordon
      As we continue to progress into the digital age of dentistry, digital diagnostic wax-ups are becoming more prevalent and efficient. A technique is presented where a digital workflow was used to accomplish a prosthodontic full mouth diagnostic wax-up at an increased OVD. Three dimensional photography was used to ensure esthetic predictability and additive manufacturing to accurately transfer the wax-up to the analog articulator.
    • Adjunctive Nd:YAG Laser Irradiation for Ridge Preservation and Immediate Implant Procedures: A Consecutive Case Series

      Choi, Alicia; Seibel, Paul; McGary, Ryan; Hoag, Justin; Swenson, Dane; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      Demonstrate that, in principle, an Nd:YAG laser can establish stable clots that will reliably contain grafts at ridge preservation and immediate implant sites.
    • Surgical Management of the Nasopalatine Canal

      Brockway, Daniel; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      The nasopalatine canal can pose an obstacle when placing implants in the anterior maxilla and is the most common site for non-odontogenic cysts. This clinical topic sought to present two clinical cases involving surgical techniques involving this important anatomical canal space.
    • CURS Connection September 2022

      Davis, Quentin; Knapp, Melissa; Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship; Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (Augusta University, 2022-09)
      Table of Contents: 2022-2023 CURS Ambassadors; Spotlight CURS Ambassadors; Register CURS Experience; Initial Chemical Training; IGive.
    • CURS Connection August 2022

      Davis, Quentin; Knapp, Melissa; Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship; Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (Augusta University, 2022-08)
      Table of Contents: Fall Grant Proposals Now Open; CURS Course Registration; CURS Student Employment Opportunity; Congratulations 2022 Summer Scholars; Ice Cream Social; 2022 Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference; CURS Calendar; IGive.