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    • CURS Connection November 2022

      Davis, Quentin; Knapp, Melissa; Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship; Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (Augusta University, 2022-11)
      Table of Contents: Katelinn Jones; Reflection: National Mentor Day by Jordan Moratin; Summer Scholars Program 2023 - Call for Proposals; Last Call for Research Distinctions Fall 2022; Spring 2023: CURS Course Registration; Initial Chemical Safety Training Spring 2023; Upcoming CURS Events; CURS T-shirts for Sale; CURS Calendar.
    • The Effect of Buccal versus Vaginal Misoprostol on Time to Favorable Simplified Bishop Score

      Rice Thompson, Sonya; Allen, Jennifer (2020-06)
      OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether buccal or vaginal Misoprostol provides a statistically significant shorter time interval to a favorable simplified Bishop score, and to determine if there is a significant difference in time to delivery between these two modes of administration. DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study via chart review SETTING: Augusta University, Augusta, Georgia PATIENTS: Mothers who delivered full term singleton gestations after being admitted for induction of labor at Augusta University from January 1, 2015 to July 31, 2018 with an initially unfavorable simplified Bishop score on cervical exam. Exclusion criteria: (1) Favorable initial simplified Bishop score (>5) at the time of onset of induction of labor, (2) multiple gestation, (3), pre-term gestation and (4) use of multiple different modalities for cervical ripening. INTERVENTION: Medical records were reviewed to determine if mothers meeting the criteria above had a statistically significant difference in time to favorable simplified Bishop score using vaginal versus buccal Misoprostol and/or a statistically significant difference in time to delivery. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: The primary outcome was time to favorable simplified Bishop score (>5). The secondary outcome was time to delivery. RESULTS: • Primary outcome- no significant difference between the buccal and vaginal groups in median time from initial Misoprostol dose to time of favorable simplified Bishop score (p=0.371). • Secondary outcome- no significant difference between the buccal and vaginal groups in median time from initial Misoprostol dose to time of delivery (p=0.371). • No significant difference in complication rate between the buccal and vaginal groups (p=0.199).
    • Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Explained

      Toro, Diana; Medical College of Georgia (2020-12-20)
      Medical students are challenged to apply their biochemistry foundation towards a greater understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in pathophysiological processes. Addressing the gap between basic sciences and clinical sciences is imperative, especially in light of educating the medical community about COVID-19 and the importance of vaccination. This video demonstrates how PyMol, a molecular graphics tool, can be used to visualize the three-dimensional structure of proteins on the SARS-CoV-2. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this video was posted on the MCG COVID Response Page and was used to teach the medical community about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and how the Pfizer vaccine works. Exploring a detailed 3D model of the virus allows students to study the spike protein amino acid sequence on the virus, see how mutations in the virus change its interaction with the ACE2 human receptor, and consequently, visualize the conformational changes that the spike protein undergoes as it fuses with the host cell. It is important that medical students learn how to utilize available technologies to critically analyze the relationship between protein structure and function and understand how this interaction plays a role the COVID-19 mutations responsible for the pandemic.
    • CURS Connection October 2022

      Davis, Quentin; Knapp, Melissa; Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship; Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (Augusta University, 2022-10)
      Table of Contents: Spotlight: CURS Student Assistants; Fall Grant Recipients; Ask a CURS Ambassador; Spring 2023: CURS Course Registration; National Mentoring Day; CURS Game Night; CURS T-shirts for Sale; 2022 Georgia Undergraduate Research Conference; CURS Calendar.
    • The Flight of the Junky: Existential Posthumanism and Immanent Life in Early Burroughs

      Hoffman, Todd; Department of English and World Languages (e Open Library of Humanities, 2022-05)
      William Burroughs early book Junky is generally separated from his later experimental fiction. Stylistically it accords much more to realism than the postmodern aleatory method he later innovated. However, Burroughs’ preoccupation with resisting all forms of subjectification, his disenchantment with bourgeois life and his simultaneous literal and tropic use of addiction as a form of flight from powers of normalization and conformity are strongly present in this early work. This paper explores Junky on three fronts. First, it shows the novel as an elaboration of a posthumanist existentialism by emphasizing the materiality of the body through Burroughs’ explanation of the physiological mechanisms of addiction. Through this existentialist posthumanism, the novel critically responds to Sartrian existentialism, which was so fashionable at the time of Burroughs’ writing, and repudiates the Jeffersonian idealization of the transcendental subject and its middle class figurations. The emphasis on the material body simultaneously challenges post-structuralist renderings of Burroughsian readings. This leads to a conception of strategies of flight from all forms of conformity by utilizing Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of the Body without Organs and immanent Life. Junk is a vehicle of flight and self-affirmation, a means of highly individualized, libertarian modes of subjective deterritorialization. Addiction and habitual use are not mere uncontrolled thirsts, but forms of actualizing a wholly detached social and independent individual. But the danger of junk lies in its reterritorializing of the body through new assemblages of need and dependence, leading the protagonist to ultimately seek a different mode of escape. Junk illuminates our posthuman existential condition and leads Burroughs to seek new experimental forms of aesthetic expression.
    • The New Realism: Seeking Alternative to Postmodern Pessimism

      Hoffman, Todd; Department of English and World Languages (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017-04)
      Postmodern pessimism has been newly expressed by Mark Fisher as capitalist realism: the sense that one can't even imagine an alternative to capitalism. Fisher's use of the term realism points to the subjective content of the contemporary capitalist life-world. In contrast, a new brand of realism as assemblage theory has become prominent through Manuel DeLanda: that is, a complex ontology of interwoven networks of immanent unfolding that operate on multiple scales of size. DeLanda supplies a basic ontology of society that, combined with Fisher's sense of realism, elaborates a new potential for socio-economic change. This paper will examine Fisher and DeLanda's views and add the speculative materialist economic work of Benjamin Lozano as a means of bringing the two together.
    • Ectopic Pregnancy Interactive Model

      Fambrough, J; Allen, J; Latif, E; Edmondson, A; Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2017-03)
      Ectopic pregnancy accounts for 2% of all first-trimester pregnancies, and it is the number one cause of maternal death in the first trimester. Women present with ectopic pregnancies across the nation, and it is imperative for future healthcare providers to identify these patients, rule out other diagnoses, and treat them in a time sensitive manner. Most educational materials regarding ectopic pregnancy are limited to textbooks and printed literature, yet the current generation of healthcare students is more responsive to interactive, feedback-driven, learning options. Studies regarding medical student education show that motivational processes are undervalued in curriculum development and stimulating motivation can influence outcomes of curriculum performance. It has been shown that intrinsic motivation (i.e., learning for the sake of learning and patients) leads to better performance and well being. Interactive modules enable students to make decisions without the repercussions of an incorrect answer, and they are encouraged to actively learn from mistakes and successes.
    • The Effects of Exclusively Rooming-In on Breastfeeding Rates

      Titus, Hamer M.; Raines, Anna; Looney, Stephen; Fambrough, Jada; Diamond, Michael P.; Allen, Jennifer T.; Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2019-09)
      OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether the rooming-in model of postpartum care has improved breastfeeding rates at Augusta University Medical Center. METHODS: In this retrospective cohort study, we reviewed the medical records of 302 mother-baby pairs before exclusively rooming in (BERI) and 305 pairs after exclusively rooming in (AERI) to determine rooming-in’s effect on breastfeeding rates. The primary outcome was inpatient breastfeeding rates, while the secondary outcome was breastfeeding rates at six weeks postpartum. RESULTS: The data shows a significant decrease in inpatient breastfeeding rates from 59.6% BERI to 48.9% AERI (p=0.028), but a significant increase in six-week exclusive breastfeeding rates from 17.0% BERI to 32.4% AERI (p=0.017). Black mothers and single mothers show a decrease in inpatient breastfeeding rates (39.8% to 31.7% and 36.7% to 34.4%, respectively), but an increase in 6-week breastfeeding rates (8.2% to 13.6% and 5.4% to 16.6%, respectively) from BERI to AERI. White mothers and married mothers show little difference in inpatient breastfeeding rates (75.6% to 73.3% and 73.5% to 72.3%, respectively), but a significant increase in 6-week breastfeeding rates (37.0% to 51.7% and 38.2% to 53.9%, respectively) from BERI to AERI. CONCLUSION: This study shows that overall, exclusively rooming-in did not improve immediate breastfeeding rates postpartum, but did improve six-week postpartum breastfeeding rates. Stratification by race and marital status shows that these are two variable that have an effect modification on breastfeeding rates with regards to rooming-in.
    • Applications of Digital Dentistry in the Esthetic Zone

      Yeung, Matthew; General Dentistry (2020-02)
      To demonstrate the benefits of incorporating digital technologies into treatment planning restorations in the anterior maxilla.
    • Alteration of the VDO of an existing RPD with Composite Resin

      Shepherd, Kevin A.; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      1. Can composite resin be added to an RPD to test a new proposed VDO and it hold up over the course of treatment? 2. Can a flange and teeth be added chairside to an existing RPD? 3. Can a treatment plan that involves alteration of VDO, implant therapy, fixed prosthodontics, and removable prosthodontics be simplified by the use of a prototype?
    • How effective is manual debridement on exposed dental implant threads?

      Sellers, Brian; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
      Evaluate manual debridement of periosteal dental implants with high speed hand piece and diamond burrs.
    • An indirect technique to replicate the emergence profile of implant restorations

      Ramirez, Raishka; Londono, Jimmy; Pannu, DJ; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      The purpose of this report is to illustrate a new, indirect technique to accurately register the emergence profile of implant restorations by using the preliminary cast and the same set of implant components as an advantage resulting in reduced chairside time.
    • Systemic Review of Buccal Mucosal Graft Harvest for Urethral Stricture Repair

      Patel, Pratik; Stevens, Mark; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
      Aim of this study is to review contemporary surgical approaches used in oral mucosal graft harvest for the reconstruction of urethral defects and donor site complication management
    • Predicting Screw Channel Location in Definitive Fixed Detachable Zirconia Prostheses

      Oketade, Sadiq; Torosian, Aram; Kang, Juan; Londono, Jimmy; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      The purpose of this presentation is to show a simple way to use 3 Shape Dental Design software to accurately anticipate screw channel location when fabricating definitive Fixed Detachable Zirconia Prostheses.
    • Inexpensive Technique to Fabricate Custom-Made Implant Screwdriver to Retrieve Stripped Screws

      Jweinat, Fatin; Pannu, DJ; Londono, Jimmy; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
      The aim of this poster is to describe a practical, cost-effective, and custom-made implant screwdriver by modifying dental burs to retrieve stripped, loose, and/ or fractured implant screws.
    • Incidence of Emergence Delirium following administration of Midazolam in female patients

      Ibrahim, Chris; James, Jeffrey; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
      Emergence delirium is a disturbing complication in the female population after the administration of midazolam. This study is constructed to determine incidence of female patients undergoing the side effect of emergence delirium and to observe common variables that may make individuals more susceptible to the post-operative emergence phenomenon.
    • Is there a Correlation Between Weather and Head & Neck Fascial Space Infections?

      Frazier, Kyle; James, Jeffrey; Faigen, Alex; Looney, Stephen W.; Sinha, Arnoneel; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
      The purpose of this study was to compare the CBSE scores of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery residency candidates that matched to 4-year and 6-year tracts in the 2019-2020 application cycle.
    • Time to open repair of mandible fractures and associated complications

      Farrell IV, Thomas; Faigen, Alexander; Anderson, Jessica; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
      The aim of this study is to determine whether a correlation exists between the time from injury to repair of mandible fractures and the development of post-operative complications. The authors also sought to assess if delay in treatment manifests in increased surgical time.
    • Post-Implant Placement Cervical Burnout

      Faigen, Alexander; Stevens, Mark R.; James, Jeffrey N.; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
      To evaluate and compare post implant placement cervical bone loss within the Dental College of Georgia and among its dental specialties. This information will allow us to identify patient's at risk for bone loss therefore improving patient satisfaction and overall success of the implant.