• Emergent Airway Management in an Infant with Congenital Laryngeal Cyst Causing Airway Obstruction

      Downard, Martina; Florentino-Pineda, Ivan; Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine (Society for Pediatric Anesthesia, 2009-03)
      Congenital Laryngeal Cysts (CLC) is a rare but often life-threatening condition that affects approximately one in 150,000 live births. Clinical presentation of CLC includes respiratory distress, stridor, feeding intolerance, and failure to thrive. If the cyst is large enough to cause complete obstruction of the airway, asphyxia may rapidly cause death if left untreated in a neonate. Therefore, CLC must be included in the differential in an infant or newborn with stridor and respiratory distress refractory to medical treatment. This case report describes an infant with a history of worsening stridor who was found to have a large cystic mass obstructing the airway.