• The Use of Games as Pedagogical Adjuncts in Nursing Education

      Merriweather, Jeanette; Wright, Stephanie; College of Nursing (Georgia Health Science University, 2012)
      The use of games as a pedagogical strategy to promote active learning in the classroom and clinical area is an idea whose time has come (Skiba, 2008). Current evidence strongly suggests that innovative teaching strategies improve learning outcomes. Although lecture format is the traditional method of teaching that delivers a large amount of information in a short period of time, it has not shown to produce widespread critical thinking in the classroom setting (Blakely, Skirton, Cooper, Allum & Nelmes, 2008). Among the many reasons for using gaming as an instructional strategy is that it allows students to engage in active learning, critical thinking, problem solving and enjoy the value of fun in learning. When the process of learning is perceived as fun, students may experience less stress and anxiety. Information that might be considered dry and boring can be delivered in an atmosphere that is stimulating, enjoyable, and conducive to learning (Royse & Newton, 2007).