• Two Distinct Integrin-Mediated Mechanisms Contribute to Apical Lumen Formation in Epithelial Cells

      Myllymaki, Satu Marja; Teravainen, Terhi Piritta; Manninen, Aki; Mei, Lin; Department of Neurology; College of Graduate Studies (2011-05-6)
      Background: Formation of apical compartments underlies the morphogenesis of most epithelial organs during development. The extracellular matrix (ECM), particularly the basement membrane (BM), plays an important role in orienting the apico-basal polarity and thereby the positioning of apical lumens. Integrins have been recognized as essential mediators of matrix-derived polarity signals. The importance of b1-integrins in epithelial polarization is well established but the significance of the accompanying a-subunits have not been analyzed in detail.