• Regulation of Adipose Tissue Stromal Cells Behaviors by Endogenic Oct4 Expression Control

      Kim, Jung Hwan; Jee, Min Ki; Lee, So Young; Han, Tae Hee; Kim, Bong Sun; Kang, Kyung Sun; Kang, Soo Kyung; Mei, Lin; Department of Neurology; College of Graduate Studies (2009-09-24)
      Background: To clarify the role of the POU domain transcription factor Oct4 in Adipose Tissue Stromal Cells (ATSCs), we investigated the regulation of Oct4 expression and other embryonic genes in fully differentiated cells, in addition to identifying expression at the gene and protein levels. The ATSCs and several immature cells were routinely expressing Oct4 protein before and after differentiating into specific lineages.