• Profiling Insulin Like Factor 3 (INSL3) Signaling in Human Osteoblasts

      Ferlin, Alberto; Perilli, Lisa; Gianesello, Lisa; Taglialavoro, Giuseppe; Foresta, Carlo; Mei, Lin; Department of Neurology; College of Graduate Studies (2011-12-28)
      Background: Young men with mutations in the gene for the INSL3 receptor (Relaxin family peptide 2, RXFP2) are at risk of reduced bone mass and osteoporosis. Consistent with the human phenotype, bone analyses of Rxfp2â /â mice showed decreased bone volume, alterations of the trabecular bone, reduced mineralizing surface, bone formation, and osteoclast surface. The aim of this study was to elucidate the INSL3/RXFP2 signaling pathways and targets in human osteoblasts.