• Consensus nomenclature for the human ArfGAP domain-containing proteins

      Kahn, Richard A.; Bruford, Elspeth; Inoue, Hiroki; Logsdon, John M.; Nie, Zhongzhen; Premont, Richard T.; Randazzo, Paul A.; Satake, Masanobu; Theibert, Anne B.; Zapp, Maria L.; et al. (2008-09-22)
      At the FASEB summer research conference on â Arf Family GTPasesâ , held in Il Ciocco, Italy in June, 2007, it became evident to researchers that our understanding of the family of Arf GTPase activating proteins (ArfGAPs) has grown exponentially in recent years. A common nomenclature for these genes and proteins will facilitate discovery of biological functions and possible connections to pathogenesis. Nearly 100 researchers were contacted to generate a consensus nomenclature for human ArfGAPs. This article describes the resulting consensus nomenclature and provides a brief description of each of the 10 subfamilies of 31 human genes encoding proteins containing the ArfGAP domain.