• Adaptive Cerebral Neovascularization in a Model of Type 2 Diabetes

      Schreihofer, Derek A.; Fagan, Susan C.; Ergul, Adviye; Li, Weiguo; Prakash, Roshini; Kelley-Cobbs, Aisha I.; Ogbi, Safia; Kozak, Anna; El-Remessy, Azza B.; Department of Physiology; et al. (2010-01200)
      OBJECTIVE: The effect of diabetes on neovascularization varies between different organ systems. While excessive angiogenesis complicates diabetic retinopathy, impaired neovascularization contributes to coronary and peripheral complications of diabetes. However, how diabetes influences cerebral neovascularization is not clear. Our aim was to determine diabetes-mediated changes in the cerebrovasculature and its impact on the short-term outcome of cerebral ischemia.