The AU Syllabi Repository is a platform made by Augusta University students for Augusta University students. Access to items in this collection are therefore restricted to AU affiliates only.

The Student Government Association intends for this Syllabi Repository to serve as a space for students to share course syllabi and provide other students with important information on courses, such as a course’s requirements, polices, grading policies, time commitments, and need for potential accommodations, in order for students to make well-informed decisions about courses prior to the registration period.

Students should be advised, however, that the syllabi shared here can change at any time at the discretion of the instructor. SGA encourages students to use all resources before deciding to take a course!

Students are allowed to submit AU course syllabi from the past 3 years. Information submitted should also include:

• Course type (e.g., hybrid, in-person, online asynchronous, online synchronous)

• Feedback form to discuss positive and negative challenges of the course

For questions or concerns, please contact the SGA Academic Affairs Committee.

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