Recent Submissions

  • A Modern Approach to Jazz with Eastern Influences

    Holt, Henry; Department of Music (Augusta University, 2019-05)
    Eastern Jazz Suite is a jazz composition emphasizing the use of East Asian and Middle Eastern musical instruments and composition influences in a modern jazz setting. Jazz is an immense genre with many different subgenres and styles. Many artists through time have composed using traditional techniques and from cultures outside of America; however, a considerably smaller amount of compositions include the use of Asian instruments. This composition incorporates these instruments into an unusual genre in an attempt to create an immersive and unique listening experience.
  • Equilibrium

    Hudson, Destin; Department of Music; Augusta University; Jones, Martin (2019-02-13)
    Equilibrium is a song written and produced by myself under the moniker Arman Hudson. It�s about how quick we are quick to judge people and their actions when we don't even have balance in ourselves yet. It was made with the use of digital technology that I have been teaching myself to use and techniques I've learned while in my concentration of piano.