The DCG Office of Research, in collaboration with the American Student Dental Association, presents Research and Table Clinic Day to promote scientific research and innovative clinical care with a focus on current practices and projects being conducted at the Dental College of Georgia. More information about this annual event can be found at the following website:

Recent Submissions

  • Applications of Digital Dentistry in the Esthetic Zone

    Yeung, Matthew; General Dentistry (2020-02)
    To demonstrate the benefits of incorporating digital technologies into treatment planning restorations in the anterior maxilla.
  • Alteration of the VDO of an existing RPD with Composite Resin

    Shepherd, Kevin A.; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
    1. Can composite resin be added to an RPD to test a new proposed VDO and it hold up over the course of treatment? 2. Can a flange and teeth be added chairside to an existing RPD? 3. Can a treatment plan that involves alteration of VDO, implant therapy, fixed prosthodontics, and removable prosthodontics be simplified by the use of a prototype?
  • How effective is manual debridement on exposed dental implant threads?

    Sellers, Brian; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
    Evaluate manual debridement of periosteal dental implants with high speed hand piece and diamond burrs.
  • An indirect technique to replicate the emergence profile of implant restorations

    Ramirez, Raishka; Londono, Jimmy; Pannu, DJ; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
    The purpose of this report is to illustrate a new, indirect technique to accurately register the emergence profile of implant restorations by using the preliminary cast and the same set of implant components as an advantage resulting in reduced chairside time.
  • Systemic Review of Buccal Mucosal Graft Harvest for Urethral Stricture Repair

    Patel, Pratik; Stevens, Mark; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
    Aim of this study is to review contemporary surgical approaches used in oral mucosal graft harvest for the reconstruction of urethral defects and donor site complication management
  • Predicting Screw Channel Location in Definitive Fixed Detachable Zirconia Prostheses

    Oketade, Sadiq; Torosian, Aram; Kang, Juan; Londono, Jimmy; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
    The purpose of this presentation is to show a simple way to use 3 Shape Dental Design software to accurately anticipate screw channel location when fabricating definitive Fixed Detachable Zirconia Prostheses.
  • Inexpensive Technique to Fabricate Custom-Made Implant Screwdriver to Retrieve Stripped Screws

    Jweinat, Fatin; Pannu, DJ; Londono, Jimmy; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
    The aim of this poster is to describe a practical, cost-effective, and custom-made implant screwdriver by modifying dental burs to retrieve stripped, loose, and/ or fractured implant screws.
  • Incidence of Emergence Delirium following administration of Midazolam in female patients

    Ibrahim, Chris; James, Jeffrey; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
    Emergence delirium is a disturbing complication in the female population after the administration of midazolam. This study is constructed to determine incidence of female patients undergoing the side effect of emergence delirium and to observe common variables that may make individuals more susceptible to the post-operative emergence phenomenon.
  • Is there a Correlation Between Weather and Head & Neck Fascial Space Infections?

    Frazier, Kyle; James, Jeffrey; Faigen, Alex; Looney, Stephen W.; Sinha, Arnoneel; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
    The purpose of this study was to compare the CBSE scores of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery residency candidates that matched to 4-year and 6-year tracts in the 2019-2020 application cycle.
  • Time to open repair of mandible fractures and associated complications

    Farrell IV, Thomas; Faigen, Alexander; Anderson, Jessica; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
    The aim of this study is to determine whether a correlation exists between the time from injury to repair of mandible fractures and the development of post-operative complications. The authors also sought to assess if delay in treatment manifests in increased surgical time.
  • Post-Implant Placement Cervical Burnout

    Faigen, Alexander; Stevens, Mark R.; James, Jeffrey N.; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
    To evaluate and compare post implant placement cervical bone loss within the Dental College of Georgia and among its dental specialties. This information will allow us to identify patient's at risk for bone loss therefore improving patient satisfaction and overall success of the implant.
  • Does Time to the Operating Room Affect Outcomes in Odontogenic Infection Patients?

    Brown, Kiara; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
    The purpose of this study is to determine if there is any correlation between delayed time to the operating room from patient entrance to the hospital and complications that may have occurred during that hospitalization. Complications during hospitalization are often expensive as they may require a prolonged hospital stay, more expensive medications and specialized care. Often times, complications lead to increased morbidity and mortality.
  • Importance of Records and Occlusal Schemes in Advance Implant Prosthodontics

    Blackwell, Thomas; Metzler, Kurt; Romero, Mario (2020-02)
    The objective of this case report is to highlight the importance of obtaining proper records when using them for advanced fixed prosthodontics, to illustrate how this effects occlusion of a prosthesis and importance of denture occlusal concepts in fixed prosthesis as well. Finally, to highlight some of the benefits of an implant supported fixed denture (hybrid) that is acrylic with a metal substructure bar.
  • Mandibular OverDenture: From Treatment Planning to Implant Placement

    Blackman, Robin; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
    Dentists are often searching for a simple and effective way to predictably place implants in predetermined accurate locations based on CBCT measurements. This presentation poster seeks to explore a way to have predictable results from planning to placement of implants for a Mandibular OverDenture.
  • Adjunct Post-Operative Analgesia Following Uncomplicated 3rd Molar Removal

    Benton, Bryan; James, Jeffrey; Oral Surgery (2020-02)
    The purpose of the study will be to determine if bupivacaine liposome injection following uncomplicated extraction of bilateral third molar teeth will improve outcomes. Specific outcomes being studied are postoperative pain levels, postoperative analgesic use to include narcotic analgesics, return to preoperative oral function, and patient satisfaction.
  • Commercial Post-Cure unit and a UV Hand-gel Light Irradiance Differences

    Baldock, Will; Brenes, Christian; Rueggeberg, Fred; Messer, Regina; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
    3D printing users often use off-brand devices for providing post-cure polymerization of 3D photo-fabricated devices: such as inexpensive UV hand-gel lights. This project sought to determine differences in spectral irradiance between two types of post-curing devices.
  • Novel Role of Homocysteine in Bone Remodeling

    Rajpurohit, Pragya; Gamal, Mikael; Kira, Dina; Samra, Yara; Awad, Mohamed; Kurago, Zoya; Elsalanty, Mohammed; Tawfik, Amany; Oral Biology (2020-02)
    Homocysteine (Hcy) is a sulfur-containing amino acid which is well-known as a risk factor for neurodegenerative, cardiovascular diseases and was suggested as a risk factor for osteoporotic fractures. The current study is aiming to investigate the role of Hcy in bone remodeling (metabolism).
  • Periodontal pathogens and vision loss?! Systematic Review

    Swaminathan, Radhika; Cutler, Christopher W; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
    Over the years, epidemiological studies have brought evidences that links oral diseases especially periodontal with many systemic diseases including cardiovascular disease, respiratory infection, diabetes, adverse pregnancy outcomes, neurodegenerative disease including cancers. Recent limited evidence indicates correlation between eye diseases and Periodontal diseases (PD). Our objective is to systematically review the association of Periodontitis and Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the prominent cause of vision loss in elderly.
  • Exposure Duration and Adhesive Cure Uniformity Under a Stainless Steel Bracket

    Patel, Mohit; Moquin, Caitlin; DeLeon, Eladio; Fortson, Weston; Mettenburg, Don; Rueggeberg, Fred; Restorative Sciences (2020-02)
    Determine the effect of curing light exposure on adhesive paste hardness underneath a simulated stainless steel bracket.
  • The Crosstalk between Del-1 and IL-23 in periodontitis: A novel therapeutic modality

    Khodadadi, Hesam; Emami, Golnaz; Salles, Evila; Ghaly, Mira; Mozaffari, Mahmood; Baban, Babak; Oral Biology (2020-02)
    Periodontitis is a prevalent disorder with impairment of immune and inflammatory responses contributing importantly to its pathogenesis. In fact it is it is the host response to the biofilm that destroys the periodontium in the pathogenesis of the disease. As our understanding of pathways of inflammation has matured, however, the precise molecular and cellular basis of resolution of inflammation remain uncleared. DEL-1 (developmental endothelial locus-1) is a secreted multidomain protein that inhibits leukocyte–endothelial adhesion, binding to the LFA-1 integrin resulted in suppression of inflammatory responses. The expression of Del-1 is shown to be inhibited by the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-17. One of the major cytokines which has been shown to be a key protein for expression and maintenance of IL-17 is IL-23. The relationship between Del-1 and IL-23 is remained unknown. Based on our preliminary data, we investigated the interaction between Del-1 and IL-23 in a murine model of periodontitis.

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