Recent Submissions

  • The Antidote: Volume 4

    Smaha, Katlyn; Xhemali, Jack; Nicholson, Brianna; Caceres, Andrea; Cox, Olivia; Ye, Kara; Maloney, McKenzie; Lagisetti, Divya; Whitebloom, Grant; Natal, Anaïs; et al. (Augusta University Libraries, 2023)
    Table of Contents: 3-Executive Board; 4-About The Antidote; 5-Acknowledgements; 6-From the Faculty; 7-From the Editors; 11-A Nation of Heroes; 12-What Happens When the Clock Strikes Zero; 14-I am; 15-Signs; 18-Wonderfully Made; 19-A Life of Service; 20-Seasons of the White Coat; 21-The Stage; 22-The Thief; 23-DSM III: Gender Identity Disorder; 24-Starlight Hits Your Eyes; 25-Being Gentle; 26-On Becoming a Doctor; 27-Seasons of Medical School; 28-Generations; 29-How Do You Describe Your Gender Identity; 31-Yellow Fever: Constructing an Epidemic; 32-Likeness; 33-How It's Going and How It's Been; 34-The Short White Coat, A Haiku Trio; 35-Blinding Lights; 36-Faces of the Medical Record; 37-Oak Grove; 38-The Weight of Expectation; 40-Pantones of the Medical College of Georgia Class of 2025; 41-Looks Like Me; 42-Reflections; 44-Sunset Over the Riverbank; 45-Submission Guidelines; 47-Quote
  • The Antidote: Volume 3

    Loomer, Kimberly; Balachandran, Neha; Boghani, Faizan; Brody, Pierce; Chawla, Rishab; Coppola, Samuel; Durbha, Sadhana; Ibnamasud, Shadman; Kaufman, Rachel; Natal, Anaïs; et al. (Augusta University Libraries, 2022)
    Table of Contents: 1-Executive Board; 2-About The Antidote; 3-Acknowledgements; 4-From the Faculty; 5-From the Editors; Prose & Poetry: 9-FaceTime Funerals; 10-Hope; 13-Confused; 14-Loss of Self; 15-Robin; 16-Remember, it’s an Honor Just to be Asian; 18-Be Kind to Yourself; 21-Carolyn’s Eulogy; 21-The Woman I Wish to Be; 22-The Servant Leader; 23- Pacing; 25-Atypical Encounter; 26-It Matters How a Man Falls Down; 28-Contagious; Visual Arts: 8 Where We Were 100 Years Ago; 11 Hope; 12 Clear to Auscultation; 14 A Place that Reminds Me of You; 19 Joy in Nature; 20 Persevering; 23 Do No Arm; 24 Sunset on the Longest Day; 27 Navigating this Year; 28 Light; 29 So that We can Heal; 30-Submission Guidelines; 32-Quote.
  • The Antidote: Volume 2

    Collins, Patrice; Austin, Nicholas; Daniel, Benjamin; Bertrand, Natalie; Bagga, Rohan; Allen, Griffin; Ibnamasud, Shadman; Ramaswamy, Natasha; Chawla, Rishab; Liu, Elise; et al. (Augusta University Libraries, 2021)
    Table of Contents: 1-Executive Board; 2-About The Antidote; 3-Acknowledgements; 4-From the Faculty; 5-From the Editors; 8-The Path Less Traveled; 9-Giver; 10-Floating After Doctoring; 14-The Crimson Jersey; 16-Under the Smile; 17-My Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat; 18-Becker’s Nevus and the Myth of Normal; 18-Scalpel; 21-The Limits of my Language; 22-Behind; 24-Hummingbird in a Hurricane; 25-Mi Amiga de Valle Escondido; 26-What if I Have it?; 26-Uganda Trip; 28-Her Heart, my Hands; 29-My First Patient; 30-Pandemic Project: Learning to Paint with Gouache; 33-Medicine, Education, and Empowerment; 34-The Bench; 35-Memorial Hall; 36-H&E Stainy Sky; 38-The Floating Doctors Commute; 39-My Addendum to the Hippocratic Oath; 40-Healthy Spirit, Soul, and Body; 41-Everything; 42-A Haircut; 43-World of Bacteria; 44-A Summer’s Fix; 46-Reflections on MCG Courageous Conversations; 48-My Interview Experience;
  • The Antidote: Volume 1

    Austin, Nicholas J.; Daniel, Benjamin; Chandra, Upasana; Siegelson, Aron E.; Bertrand, Natalie M.; Herrington, Kyler Roy; Allen, Griffen I.; Pennywell, Jr., Calvin W.; Elphingstone, Joseph; Reddy, Vamsi; et al. (Augusta University Libraries, 2019)
    Table of Contents: 1 Executive Board; 2 About; 3 Acknowledgments; 4 From the Dean; 5 From the Editors; Prose & Poetry: 8 Here Comes the Sun; 14 Floor 00; 17 DNR; 18 M1: The First Three Months; 21 Distracted by Study; 22 Above the Sea of Clouds; 26 Type 1; 28 Shattered; 29 The Dark; 30 The Skogman Protocol; 35 Sisyphus, Lispro, Aspart, Glargine; 36 Valhalla; 39 A Brave New Operating Room; 44 A Gift; Visual Arts: 13 Diver; 16 Masking the Pain and Hunger by Huffing Fuel in Uganda; 20 Education Commons; 24 Doctor's Office; 25 Waiting in Line; 29 Shattered; 34 Eye; 38 Telephone