• Loree Florence, December 17, 1978

      Augusta University (1978-12-17)
      This is a transcription of an informal interview with Dr. Loree Florence, the first female to graduate from the Medical College of Georgia in 1926.
    • Physiology Seminar on “The Hamilton Days”

      Dow, Philip; Augusta University (1976-10-11)
      This is a transcription of a lecture titled "Hamilton Days" given by Philip Dow, PhD on October 11, 1976 as part of the MCG Physiology Seminar.
    • "Serendipity and Hypertension" Lecture given by Raymond Ahlquist, 1976

      Ahlquist, Raymond P.; Department of Pharmacology, Medical College of Georgia (1976-12-06)
      Raymond P. Ahlquist, PhD was internationally recognized as the originator of the alpha- and beta-receptor concept of the andrenergic system. His investigations led the way of the development of beta-blocking drugs used to treat blood pressure. In 1976 Ahlquist was honored with the Albert Lasker Clinical Medical Research Award and the Ciba Award for Hypertension Research. On December 6, 1976 he gave this "Serendipity and Hypertension" lecture at the Medical College of Georgia as part of a Physiology Seminar.