The Antidote is a student-run and peer-reviewed journal founded in 2018 that seeks to provide a venue for those at the Medical College of Georgia and Augusta University to feature their literary and artistic works. The title, The Antidote, is an acknowledgement of the fact that it is emotionally and personally difficult to become a physician and to practice medicine in the 21st century, which presents unique challenges that degrade the physician-patient relationship, strain the resilience of those within the profession, and undercut the sacred nature of the calling of the profession. Our journal believes that creative expression is salutatory and that offering a forum for creative dialogues will encourage further engagement with narrative medicine and promote a more humanistic approach to healthcare.

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  • The Antidote: Volume 3

    Loomer, Kimberly; Balachandran, Neha; Boghani, Faizan; Brody, Pierce; Chawla, Rishab; Coppola, Samuel; Durbha, Sadhana; Ibnamasud, Shadman; Kaufman, Rachel; Natal, Anaïs; et al. (Augusta University Libraries, 2022)
    Table of Contents: 1-Executive Board; 2-About The Antidote; 3-Acknowledgements; 4-From the Faculty; 5-From the Editors; Prose & Poetry: 9-FaceTime Funerals; 10-Hope; 13-Confused; 14-Loss of Self; 15-Robin; 16-Remember, it’s an Honor Just to be Asian; 18-Be Kind to Yourself; 21-Carolyn’s Eulogy; 21-The Woman I Wish to Be; 22-The Servant Leader; 23- Pacing; 25-Atypical Encounter; 26-It Matters How a Man Falls Down; 28-Contagious; Visual Arts: 8 Where We Were 100 Years Ago; 11 Hope; 12 Clear to Auscultation; 14 A Place that Reminds Me of You; 19 Joy in Nature; 20 Persevering; 23 Do No Arm; 24 Sunset on the Longest Day; 27 Navigating this Year; 28 Light; 29 So that We can Heal; 30-Submission Guidelines; 32-Quote.
  • The Antidote: Volume 2

    Collins, Patrice; Austin, Nicholas; Daniel, Benjamin; Bertrand, Natalie; Bagga, Rohan; Allen, Griffin; Ibnamasud, Shadman; Ramaswamy, Natasha; Chawla, Rishab; Liu, Elise; et al. (Augusta University Libraries, 2021)
    Table of Contents: 1-Executive Board; 2-About The Antidote; 3-Acknowledgements; 4-From the Faculty; 5-From the Editors; 8-The Path Less Traveled; 9-Giver; 10-Floating After Doctoring; 14-The Crimson Jersey; 16-Under the Smile; 17-My Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat; 18-Becker’s Nevus and the Myth of Normal; 18-Scalpel; 21-The Limits of my Language; 22-Behind; 24-Hummingbird in a Hurricane; 25-Mi Amiga de Valle Escondido; 26-What if I Have it?; 26-Uganda Trip; 28-Her Heart, my Hands; 29-My First Patient; 30-Pandemic Project: Learning to Paint with Gouache; 33-Medicine, Education, and Empowerment; 34-The Bench; 35-Memorial Hall; 36-H&E Stainy Sky; 38-The Floating Doctors Commute; 39-My Addendum to the Hippocratic Oath; 40-Healthy Spirit, Soul, and Body; 41-Everything; 42-A Haircut; 43-World of Bacteria; 44-A Summer’s Fix; 46-Reflections on MCG Courageous Conversations; 48-My Interview Experience;
  • The Antidote: Volume 1

    Austin, Nicholas J.; Daniel, Benjamin; Chandra, Upasana; Siegelson, Aron E.; Bertrand, Natalie M.; Herrington, Kyler Roy; Allen, Griffen I.; Pennywell, Jr., Calvin W.; Elphingstone, Joseph; Reddy, Vamsi; et al. (Augusta University Libraries, 2019)
    Table of Contents: 1 Executive Board; 2 About; 3 Acknowledgments; 4 From the Dean; 5 From the Editors; Prose & Poetry: 8 Here Comes the Sun; 14 Floor 00; 17 DNR; 18 M1: The First Three Months; 21 Distracted by Study; 22 Above the Sea of Clouds; 26 Type 1; 28 Shattered; 29 The Dark; 30 The Skogman Protocol; 35 Sisyphus, Lispro, Aspart, Glargine; 36 Valhalla; 39 A Brave New Operating Room; 44 A Gift; Visual Arts: 13 Diver; 16 Masking the Pain and Hunger by Huffing Fuel in Uganda; 20 Education Commons; 24 Doctor's Office; 25 Waiting in Line; 29 Shattered; 34 Eye; 38 Telephone