It’s Not You, it’s Equilibrium

Recent Submissions

  • That's On You, Not Me

    Miles, Edgar; Department of Communication; O'Meara, Melanie; Augusta University (2019-02-13)
    �That�s On You, Not Me� is a performance piece that was created in response to an assignment prompt for Dr. Melanie O�Meara�s Voice and Movement class in Spring 2018. The assignment was to write a haiku and perform that haiku using at least 12 individual vocal variations. Gender expression and the ways alternative expressions are received in various social contexts are existing themes in my visual art practice, so I decided to continue that exploration in my performance work for Dr. O�Meara�s class. In doing so, my performance addresses the discomfort that people experience when faced with expression that violates their expectations and whose responsibility it is to mitigate that discomfort. I present to the audience twelve individual characters created through vocal and movement variation. My intention is to open conversations about gender norms, societal expectations, the experience of �othering,� and respect for individual expression. The performance itself lasts only about three minutes, but can be followed by a brief talk about the work and a question-and-answer session.
  • Equilibrium

    Hudson, Destin; Department of Music; Jones, Martin; Augusta University (2019-02-13)
    Equilibrium is a song written and produced by myself under the moniker Arman Hudson. It�s about how quick we are quick to judge people and their actions when we don't even have balance in ourselves yet. It was made with the use of digital technology that I have been teaching myself to use and techniques I've learned while in my concentration of piano.