• Colon cancer knowledge, screening barriers, and information-seeking in Northeastern Georgia

      Springstion, Jeffrey; Hou, Su-I; University of Georgia; University of Central Florida (Georgia Public Health Association, 2016)
      Background: The present study assessed utilization of colorectal cancer (CRC) screening and knowledge, barriers, and information-seeking among adults in northeastern Georgia. Methods: A total of 245 people aged 40 years and older from selected rural, suburban, and small towns in northeastern Georgia participated in this cross-sectional survey. Results: Respondents aged 50 years and older were more likely to think that they “don’t need screening at their current age” as compared with those in their 40s. Higher information-seeking correlated with lower screening barriers (p<0.001), and colonoscopy history correlated with higher levels of information-seeking (p=0.001). Discussion: Respondents generally had a low level of knowledge about CRC. Individuals with lower perceived screening barriers indicated a higher likelihood to seek more information about CRC and therefore might be more likely to be screened by colonoscopy.