• Institutional Review Board (IRB)

      Slade, Catherine P.; Department of Management and Marketing (2016-09)
      The purpose of this session is explain the Social Behavioral Educational Research Institutional Review Board (IRB) process at Augusta University. We will address federal guidelines for social science research and how we address those through our Research Administration and IRB organization, and their policies and procedures. The role of the IRB in protecting human participants in research will be explored, but most of the session will deal with helpful hints for researchers and faculty advisors to ensure efficient and effective IRB submission, review, approval, and follow up. First-hand experience with IRB submissions and approval will be described by the speaker. New and improved resources for one-on-one and classroom assistance with the IRB process will be presented. Dr. Slade joined the Augusta University faculty as Assistant Professor of Management at the Hull College of Business in Fall 2010 after earning her PhD in public administration, management, and policy from the joint program of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University in 2008. Dr. Slade specializes in teaching, research, and community service related to health science management, policy, and ethics. She has nearly 30 years of health care management experience working with the spectrum of health care services entities and several state and federal agencies. She has worked as a hospital executive, an industry consultant, and a researcher addressing the science of science policy development, the social construction of science, and academic researcher productivity and ethics. She is currently the chair of IRB B, the Social, Behavioral, Educational Institutional Review Board at Augusta University.