• Teaching Matters July 2020

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-07-01)
      Table of Contents: Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT), IPSO clients research why elderly people are more susceptible to COVID-19, ISC Prepares for a Return to Face-to-Face Instruction, Greenblatt Library receives funding to develop data literacy training modules, Student Updates (Record Number of Honors Students Published, Scholars Present Research in a Virtual Symposium, Study Abroad 2021 Programs, AAMI Mentoring, JAG Pals Providing Real Support in Virtual Times, Does Your Department Need a Student Worker?)
    • Teaching Matters June 2020

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-06-01)
      Table of Contents: Preparing For Fall Teaching? You Will Want To Read This; IPSO Clients Help Develop Rapid COVID-19 Testing; University Libraries Helped Students Unwind; Interdisciplinary Simulation Center Adds Additional Distance Learning Capabilities to Support Simulation-at-a-Distance; Helping Students Learn How to Conduct Remote Interviews; Now Accepting Fulbright Student Applications; Advising Is Here To Help; Academic Success Center is fully operational this summer; Twenty Four Honors Students Graduate This May
    • Teaching Matters May 2020

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-05-06)
      Table of Contents: Innovation Challenge Competition Winners Announced, Innovation and Engagement: Now More Important Than Ever, Career Services Is There For You, AHEC Updates, Computer Game Teaches Students the Factors of Fair Use, First and Second Year Experiences Updates, Academic Advisement Center updates, ASC Updates, AAMI Program Charges Ahead.
    • Teaching Matters April 2020

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-04-22)
      Table of Contents: Study Abroad and Study Away Opportunity for Faculty (Deadline for Proposals Extended until May 1st, USG Mini-Grants for Education Abroad, USG Goes Global); Honors Program Highlights (Honors Program Objective, Impact of the Honors Program); News from CURS (A Year of Firsts, Serving the University Mission)
    • Online Teaching Matters (April 2020)

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-04-01)
      Table of Contents: Helpful Tips for Teaching Online (Finding Internet Connections, Compassion and Collegiality, Helping Online Students Through Empathy and Communication, Connecting Faculty Through Facebook, Interacting with Online Students, Helping Online Students Better Manager Their Time, Technology for Students, Netiquette)
    • Online Teaching Matters (March 2020)

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-03-24)
      Table of Contents: Helpful Tips for Teaching Online (How to Quickly Move Your Course Online; Keeping Online Students Honest; AU Course Shells; Preparing to Teach Online; Proctored Exam Alternative; D2L Gradebook; Where to Find Help?)
    • Teaching Matters March 2020

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-03-02)
      Table of Contents: Save Time When Putting Your Course Online; Innovative Updates (Interdisciplinary Simulation Center Partners with MCG Department of Surgery, Delivering Innovative Robotic Surgery Training, USG Goes Global Faculty Applications DUE April 16, Honors STudents Presented at 2020 Georgia Collegiate Honors Council Conference, University Libraries Celebrates Black History Month, Reminder: Study Abroad/Study Away Applications Due April 1st!, Whats New in Student Success?, Get Your Career in Gear with Career Services); Faculty/Student Highlights (Student Epitomizes Learning by Doing, International student to intern with nonprofit in Washington, D.C.).
    • Teaching Matters February 2020

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-02)
      Table of Contents: Call for Study Abroad/Study Away Proposals for 2020/2021; Innovative Updates (Nursing Students Gain Critical Experience with Mental Health Simulation, Gamification in an Educational Setting, Don't Worry! The Libraries were not Compromised!, Annual Campus Job Fairs this Month, Whats New in Student Success?, National AHEC Receives Additional Funding); Faculty/Student Highlights (IPSO: Visiting Scholar Conducts Vascular Smooth Muscle Research, Honors Students Break a Record of Thesis Projects, Mental Health First Aid Instructors).
    • Teaching Matters January 2020

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2020-01-01)
      Table of Contents: Innovation Challenge Pitch Competition; Innovation Updates (Third Year Medical Students Benefit from Integrated Point of Care Ultrasound During Simulation, Finals Frenzy at University Libraries, What's New in Student Success, AHEC Simulation and Trainings, Are Your Students Learning By Doing?, Study Abroad Reminders); Faculty/Student Highlights (National AHEC Organizations Member Spotlight, Honors Students Awarded vouchers through Student Research Program, JagVenture Pitch Contest Winners, IPSO Student's Journey to Graduating Together Featured in Jagwire)
    • Teaching Matters December 2019

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2019-12-01)
      Table of Contents: Call for Proposals for Education Innovation Fund (EIF) Grant; Innovation Updates (Medical Students Get First Taste of High Fidelity Simulation at the Augusta University Interdisciplinary Simulation Center, What's New in Student Success, Career Services Events Were a Success, CURS is Thankful this Holiday Season, Smithsonian World War One Traveling Exhibit); Faculty/Student Highlights (IPSO Student Featured in Jagwire, Honors Students Place at NCHC Conference, History of the Health Sciences Lecture Series, Greenblatt Library Faculty Selected For MCG Teaching Scholars Fellowship); Mark Your Calendar (Study Abroad Deadlines)
    • Teaching Matters November 2019

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2019-11-01)
      Table of Contents: Updates from Student Success; Innovation Updates (Honor Students to Represent AU at National Honors Conference, University Libraries Hosts Its 6th Annual Faculty Author Reception, Center for Instructional Innovation to Provide Travel Support for Faculty Presenting at USG Teaching and Learning Conference, CURS Awards Grants for Undergraduate Research, Interdisciplinary Simulation Center Hosts Dental IV Sedation course, Leadership Students Host Event on Human Trafficking); Faculty/Student Highlights (Sandra Bandy Receives Medical Library Association Award, Dr. Tom Colbert wins award for his commitment to physics education, Dr. Quentin Davis to Direct the Quality Enhancement Plan: "Learning By Doing", IPSO International Student Highlight); Mark Your Calendar (CURS to Host Undergraduate Research Fair, Study Abroad Kicks Off International Education Week)
    • Teaching Matters October 2019

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2019-10-01)
      Table of Contents: Enhanced Distance Simulation Capabilities Coming to the Interdisciplinary Simulation Center for Spring 2020; Innovation Updates (Center for Instructional Innovation Open House, What's New in Student Success, Honor's program welcomes largest class, Constitutional Day: Celebrating the 19th Amendment); Faculty/Student Highlights (IPSO Features Dr. Sukumari Ramesh, AU Alumni and CURS Summer Scholar published); Mark Your Calendar (Career Services Upcoming Events, Study Abroad 2020 Recruiting)
    • Teaching Matters September 2019

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2019-09-01)
      Table of Contents: Innovation Updates (Center for Instructional Innovation Open House, SIM Center host's AUMC 2019 Nursing Skills Fair, Librarian participates in LALI at Dartmouth, AHEC Creates Unique Experience for AR Johnson students); Faculty Highlights (IPSO Features Dr. Babak Baban, Gail Kouame Selected for Association of American Health Sciences Libraries Leadership Fellows Program); Mark Your Calendar (Career Services Upcoming Events, Fulbright Program Open, CURS and Research Office Ice Cream Social)
    • Teaching Matters August 2019

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2019-08-01)
      Table of Contents: Innovation Updates (Pediatric Simulation Offerings, Why work with the Center for Instructional Innovation?, AHEC in Action, Pathway to Med School program finds its way to MCG, Reducing Health Disparities In A Vulnerable Population), Student News (Students Research at SRS, Whats Happening in Student Sucess?, Connecting with New Students, CURS student visits Princeton University, Honors Program welcomes largest class); Mark Your Calendar (International Education Week, Dream Jobs Redefined, Want to work at Augusta National for Masters Week 2020, Professional Community Education Upcoming Events)
    • Teaching Matters July 2019

      Kelehear, Zach; Office of the Vice Provost for Instruction (Augusta University, 2019-07-01)
      Table of Contents: Recent Activities in the Center for Instructional Innovation; Welcome new Administrators to the Division (Dr. Ray Whiting and Dr. Jessica Reichmuth); Welcome Student Success (Academic Advisement, Study Away, Academic Success); Innovation Updates (Sponsor an event for International Education Week, Simulation Center, Mental Health First Aid Training Available, New International Students/Visitors, Honor's largest graduating class); Save the Date (Hiring Student Employees, 2019 CURS Summer Scholars Program, Up-coming exhibit honors Dr. Ellison); PaCE Upcoming Programs
    • Writing Grants

      White, Sarah (2016-10-24)
      This presentation will focus on how faculty can identify potential sponsored research opportunities. Each sponsor, federal or private, has a mission to fulfill; whether it be solving a particular societal issue, advancing K-12 education, or finding the cure for cancer. Researchers need to think strategically about how to develop their proposals so that they will be successful in obtaining extramural funding. The presentation will walk researchers through a request for proposal, focusing on the development of standard documents which will need to be incorporated into the proposal submission. Lastly, the presentation will touch on the how and why of the internal Augusta University proposal and routing process. Ms. White currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Research Administration for Augusta University and the Executive Director of the Augusta University Research Institute, Inc. She oversees all aspects of sponsored program administration including proposal development, pre-award, post-award administration, and the negotiation of the indirect cost rate agreement as well as several compliance functions. Prior to coming to AU in 2012, she held senior level positions in research administration at Harvard University, the University of Virginia, Emory University, and Rice University. At Rice University she oversaw regulatory compliance as well as sponsored programs. Because she began her own career in academia, with a relevant corollary to research administration having expertise in Byzantine art and history; she understands first- hand the challenges and stumbling blocks getting grants and managing them present to the researcher. She has spent her career trying to find ways to make doing research and the regulatory compliance associated with it simpler and reduce burden. She often feels like a salmon.
    • Online Teaching

      Barefield, Amanda; Department of Health Management and Informatics (2016-10-24)
      "Have you ever wandered what it would be like to teach online, or do you cringe at the sound of the words? In this session, Dr. Barefield will share insights from her 15+ years of teaching in an online environment. Topics of discussion will include learning in the 21st century, planning an online course, developing the online course, and teaching the online course. Whether you are a newby or old pro, there will be something for everyone to discuss." Ms. Barefield has 20 years experience teaching in hybrid and online environments. She received her EdD in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University. Her research includes evaluating student support services in online environments and comparisons of student performance in traditional and online environments. She currently teaches in both traditional and online formats for the Health Information Administration and Master of Public Health Programs.
    • Creating a Culture of Mentoring Within our Diverse University

      Chatto, Charlotte; Quinn, Molly; Department of Physical Therapy; Department of Teacher Education (2016-09)
      The presenters will share the path they took to create an evidenced-based pilot mentor training program designed to serve our faculty in liberal arts and health science colleges. During their year as Faculty Development Fellows, they created and delivered a pilot program that consisted of three weekly, two-hour workshops with six faculty from the College of Nursing. The audience will engage in several of the engaging activities that were used in the program. Results from participant surveys and self-assessments will be reported, as well as literature illuminating the benefits of mentoring and characteristics of effective mentors. Dr. Charlotte Chatto and Dr. Molly Quinn were the 2015-2016 Faculty Development Fellows in the Office of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence (OFTDE). They have been working on a major initiative that involves piloting a research-based mentor program in each of their respective colleges, as well as, developing a university-wide mentor training program.
    • Specifications Grading: Restoring Rigor, Motivating Students, and Saving Faculty Time (Workshop)

      Nilson, Linda B.; Director Emeritus, Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation Clemson University (2016-09)
      Colleges and universities generally require that we submit letter grades to represent student performance, but how we determine those grades is up to us. Unfortunately, the way we have been grading student work for many decades earns low marks on a list of 14 criteria for assessing grading systems. This workshop presents an alternative system, specifications ("specs" ) grading, that does better, especially in motivating students to achieve outcomes and produce high-quality work. Better yet, it saves faculty time. The system works effectively because it gives students more choices and control while holding their work to high academic standards. The purest form of this new system offers a new gestalt on assessment, combining three elements: satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading of all assignments and tests, a token system that lets students "buy" limited flexibility, and "bundles" of assessments associated with sets of learning outcomes and final letter grades. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able adapt one or more of their courses to a pure or synthetic version of specs grading, including turning assignment directions into specs, bundling assessments, developing a token system, and revising their syllabus accordingly.
    • Institutional Review Board (IRB)

      Slade, Catherine P.; Department of Management and Marketing (2016-09)
      The purpose of this session is explain the Social Behavioral Educational Research Institutional Review Board (IRB) process at Augusta University. We will address federal guidelines for social science research and how we address those through our Research Administration and IRB organization, and their policies and procedures. The role of the IRB in protecting human participants in research will be explored, but most of the session will deal with helpful hints for researchers and faculty advisors to ensure efficient and effective IRB submission, review, approval, and follow up. First-hand experience with IRB submissions and approval will be described by the speaker. New and improved resources for one-on-one and classroom assistance with the IRB process will be presented. Dr. Slade joined the Augusta University faculty as Assistant Professor of Management at the Hull College of Business in Fall 2010 after earning her PhD in public administration, management, and policy from the joint program of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University in 2008. Dr. Slade specializes in teaching, research, and community service related to health science management, policy, and ethics. She has nearly 30 years of health care management experience working with the spectrum of health care services entities and several state and federal agencies. She has worked as a hospital executive, an industry consultant, and a researcher addressing the science of science policy development, the social construction of science, and academic researcher productivity and ethics. She is currently the chair of IRB B, the Social, Behavioral, Educational Institutional Review Board at Augusta University.