• Ionic and Covalent Conjugates of Metronidazole and Tryptamine

      Lyons, Dominique; Baako, Precious; Lebedyeva, Iryna; Chemistry and Physics; Lebedyeva, Iryna; Augusta University (2/2/2020)
      Metronidazole, is an antibiotic used in the treatment of many bacterial and parasitic infections. This antibacterial agent has been shown to have a variety uses upon its development. Metronidazole is derived synthetically from Azomycin, a natural antimicrobial antibiotic produced by actinobacteria such as Norcadia mesenterica, Sterptomyces eurocidicus and proteobacrteria Pseudomonas fluorescens used to treat anaerobic parasitic and bacterial infections. Solid drugs are not as effective in the body because they are not solube enough to allow for effectve release into circulation making it hard for the body to absorb. However, ionic liquids can be used to improve drug delivery, efficay and development. Ionic liquid compositons are typically made up of at least two different ions with atleast one kind of cation and one kind of anion. In this project ionic liquid compositions containing metronidazole as positively charged ion and acesulfame as counterion have been synthesized. To explore the brain-penetrating ability of tryptamine, we have created its conjugates with beta-alanine, glucine and gabapentin. These ionic and conavelnt conjugates represent existing drugs with improved properties such as palatability and lipophilicity.