• Yell/!Grita! Techniques and Challenges When Translating Gender Related Issues

      Ortiz, Dana; Department of English and Foreign Languages (2016-03)
      For my undergraduate honors thesis, I translated selected articles from Yell!, which is a magazine based on women and gender studies. My translation included the cover page of the magazine, the About Yell! portion of the magazine, and the Letter from the editor. The articles that I translated varied in text type. The text types were expressive, operative, and informative. In order to complete the translation, I used some common translation techniques including but not limited to modulation, transposition, addition, and omission. I used a text written by Jack Child, titled Introduction to Spanish Translation, a Collins Spanish-English dictionary, and Wordreference.com as references during the completion of my project. In doing this translation, my aim was to examine some of the common issues faced by translators when translating a work with such sensitive topics. I wanted to under- stand the role semantics played in translating sensitive materials and be able to better recognize the importance of selecting appropriate words and or the correct phrasing of expressions in order not to offend my target audience. My second aim was to make the information in Yell! available to the Latino/a community in the CSRA. As I had seen in doing my research for this thesis, there are not many resources available to the Spanish-speaking community related to topics in women and gender studies that focus on gender or sexuality. I feel that this translation can serve as a valuable resource to the Latino/a community.