• The Rope Method as a Public Relations Process

      White, Ashley; Awalt, Taylor; Steinberg, Aaryn; Woods, Cody; Bowie, Kristen; Department of Communications (2016-03)
      The Department of Communications senior capstone team will execute a public relations campaign for the Phi Kappa Phi Research Conference. The team will start the project by researching our client, looking at details of previous conferences, and identifying the target audiences. The team will survey the Phi Kappa Phi team, along with current and former presenters to provide a greater background about the conference. Objectives for the campaign will be set immediately after research is completed. These objectives will be measurable and attainable with a deadline. They will also act as goals that the team wants to complete in order to be successful in the campaign. The objectives will be put into action during the programming of the campaign. The bulk of the programming will consist of the act of publicizing the event, and the entirety of the event itself. Each component that will be carried out during the conference will be considered part of the programming. This will also include our presentation of the campaign during the conference. During and after the conference our team will evaluate all areas of the event and provide feedback to the Phi Kappa Phi chapter at Augusta University.