• Intercultural Praxis: Communicating with Public Art

      Granade, Payton; Department of Communications (2016-03)
      My research is a continuation of a project that began in Dr. Melanie O’Meara’s fall 2015 Intercultural Communication course. The objective of our final project was to design a mock Art the Box that best represented the theory of intercultural praxis as discussed in Kathryn Sorrell’s “Intercultural Communication: Globalization and Social Justice.” Art the Box is a public art campaign to decorate Augusta area traffic boxes. Intercultural praxis is the process of critical analysis, reflection, and action for effective intercultural communication in the context of globalization. My goal is to see how art affects the way individuals communicate and changes points of view without the need for verbal communication. Sometimes we may think we do not see or hear something, but in reality, that something made an internal impression on our life. Creating a design that best communicates intercultural blindness around us will also help achieve this goal. My intention is to complete the box by the end of spring 2016, after I will begin my research on the effects of communication through art.