• A 20 Year Period On The Supreme Court’s Decisions Concerning Search and Seizure

      Augustin, Rudson; Department of Political Science (Augusta University, 2015-12)
      This thesis evaluates the past rulings of the United States Supreme Court in order to determine whether or not a shift occurred within the area of search and seizure since September 11, 2001. Fifty-six cases are used to evaluate a possible shift—28 cases pre-September 11th and 28 cases post-September 11th. September 11th is chosen because that is when the debate between privacy and security began. The Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001 (USA PATRIOT Act) is used to analyze the aesthetics of the ongoing debate. This research examines the directionality of the decisions based on ideology to determine if there is a shift in the court’s rulings after September 11th. A t-test is used in order to evaluate the pre- and post-September 11th cases. The differences between the two time periods indicate that there is no statistically significant difference between pre- and post-September 11th. This result matters because it demonstrates that September 11th has no noticeable effect on the Supreme Court’s rulings regarding search and seizure.
    • Aggression and Competition in Captive Western Lowland Gorillas and Their Wild Counterparts

      Dixon, Megan K.; Department of Biological Sciences (Augusta University, 2015-12)
      Studies of behavior in wild and captive Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) populations have exposed patterns of aggressive and affiliative behavior within family groups. Studies such as those of Stokes (2004), Stoinski et al., (2009), Robbins et al., (2004), as well as others have shown the types of situations, dominance patterns, and social dynamics that lead to aggressive and affiliative behaviors between individuals. This study examined the gorillas of Habitat Three, particularly the adult females, housed in Zoo Atlanta to see the types of aggressive behaviors exhibited, the situations they occur in, and the patterns of this population, looking for similarities and differences to observations of wild gorilla populations. Descriptive analyses show noncontact aggression occurs more frequently than contact aggression within this population. Results of one-way analyses of variance (ANOVA) show there is no significant difference in the amount of aggression concerning the conditions of food presence and proximity to the silverback. More data is needed to retest these conditions within Zoo Atlanta’s population. The present paper also compares the behaviors, specifically aggressive and affiliative, of this family group to research regarding wild western lowland gorilla groups.
    • An Analysis of the Economy of Greece

      Mack, Michaela; Department of Mathematics (Augusta University, 2018-05)
    • Anion Monitoring of Rae's Creek by Ion Chromatography

      Walton, Amberly; Department of Chemistry and Physics (Augusta University, 2018-12)
      Golf courses generally require large amounts of fertilizer to maintain their course appearance. Fertilizer is a source of phosphate- and nitrogen-based compounds. These compounds can have negative effects on aquatic life if there are large amounts introduced to the surface water. The effect of a golf course on anion concentrations in Rae’s Creek was studied using ion chromatography. Over the course of one year, the following anions were tracked: nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, phosphate, bromide, and chloride. The concentrations of the anions were high enough to allow quantitative measurements and changes were observed, but the concentrations remained below EPA guidelines for streams.
    • Aquatic Therapy Strength Training Benefits for the Leg Strength of Children with Cerebral Palsy

      Quick, Elizabeth; Department of Biological Sciences (Augusta University, 2015-05)
      The purpose of this thesis is to track the aspects and results of applying aquatic therapy strength training exercises to children with cerebral palsy and determine whether or not the therapy is beneficial for leg strengthening in comparison to a usual physical therapy clinical setting. The experiment was carried out twice a week, for 12 weeks. Two groups of six children with cerebral palsy participated in the experiment, in which they were administered leg strengthening exercises.
    • Are NFL teams getting the most out of their wins? The Efficiency of Year End Revenues of Ten NFL Teams

      Gonzales, Savanna; Department of Management and Marketing (Augusta University, 2018-05)
    • The association between fitness, metabolic levels, and cognitive performance in an older population

      Dojack, Amanda; Department of Kinesiology (Augusta University, 2018-05)
    • Bisphenol A (BPA) Contamination in Yellow-Bellied Sliders (Trachemys scripta scripta)

      McDavid, Kayla; Department of Biological Sciences (Augusta University, 2017-05)
      Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is a chemical that is recognized for being in a variety of consumer products, particularly to make plastic food containers and drink bottles (Makinwa, 2015). It was estimated in 2011 that about 5.5 million metric tons of BPA have been consumed globally (Flint, 2011). This is cause for alarm because it is classified as moderately toxic to aquatic life by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (Flint, 2011). BPA can negatively affect gene expression and hormone pathways. It is also known for triggering sex changes during embryonic stages in turtles and caiman (Flint, 2011). A major source of BPA is littering of plastics, which enter ponds and wetlands and may become incorporated into the food web of aquatic species (Campani, 2013). When plastic products degrade, BPA is leached into the soil and can potentially flow into neighboring waterways (Makinwa, 2015). Animals acquire BPA through direct ingestion of plastic particles or through consuming plants or animals that have accumulated BPA. Previous research has shown that Bisphenol A acts as an endocrine disruptor on painted turtles, caiman, fish, and amphibians (Jandegian, 2015). It mimics the hormone estrogen, which at sufficient concentrations, may cause developing male embryos to produce female reproductive tissue. Snails have been observed to undergo “superfeminization” when exposed to about 1 μg/L (Flint, 2011). This superfeminization caused “additional female organs, enlarged sex organs, and oviduct deformities” (Flint, 2011). There is evidence that Bisphenol A causes feminization in most animals that have been studied, although the mechanism has yet to be found (Krüger, 2005). Turtles are often used as environmental indicators because they are omnivorous and tend to be long-lived. Their longevity makes them more likely than short-lived species to bioaccumulate toxins.If BPA concentrations are high in turtles, then it is likely that humans have absorbed a certain amount that may contribute to unknown biological consequences. Research has shown that there are links between this contaminant and the rates of cancer development, obesity, and the probability of a child developing neurological problem when exposed. According to the analysis of 315 urine samples “93% of people had detectable levels of BPA” (Kinch, 2015). The objective of my research was to quantify BPA concentrations in Yellow-bellied sliders (Trachemys scripta scripta) and their habitat. Blood samples were collected from the subcarapacial or dorsal coccygeal vein of each turtle captured. Additionally, soil samples were taken at the edge of the water. Study Areas Blood samples were collected from 9 turtles trapped at Reed Creek Park. Additional samples were collected from 22 turtles from Brick Pond Park. Reed Creek Park is in Martinez, Georgia (33.53375598, -82.08555523) (Google maps, 2016). Brick Pond Park is in North Augusta, South Carolina (33.4874273, -81.9786814) (Google maps, 2016). Ten soil samples were collected at each location. The soil samples were analyzed for BPA quantities and compared with the amounts of BPA that were recorded from the blood samples taken from the captured turtles. [Introduction]
    • Blurred Lines within the Music Industry: A Different Perspective ofCopyright Law and Sampling in the Digital Age

      Wingate, Montrel; Department of History, Anthrop., Philosophy (Augusta University, 2019-05)
    • Boobi: An Eight-Part Teleplay

      Garcia, Jasmine; Department of Communications (Augusta University, 2017-12)
    • Cash Flow Pattern Analysis of Fraud and Non-Fraud Firms: A Comparison and Contrast

      Runger, Shannon; Knox School of Accountancy (Augusta University, 2016-05)
      Companies may exhibit one of eight possible cash flow patterns on their Statement of Cash Flows. By pair-matching 30 firms that were known to have issued fraudulent financial statements with 30 non-fraud firms of similar size and industry, a comparison and contrast of the cash flow patterns can be made and the results analyzed. In my research, I examine and analyze the cash flow patterns of fraud and non-fraud firms as reported on the Statement of Cash Flows to determine whether or not the patterns provide some indication of fraudulent activity. I hypothesize that the fraud firms would be more likely to show a cash flow pattern during the year prior to fraud that indicated the firm was struggling and that alternatively, the pattern during the fraud year would be one that indicates a firm is stable and profitable. My findings not only do not support this hypothesis, they also indicate that this method of cash flow pattern analysis does not provide a reliable indication or prediction of fraudulent activity.
    • Characterization of 5HT1B and 5HT7 using Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer

      Adams, Elizabeth; Department of Chemistry and Physics (Augusta University, 2019-05)
    • The Chinese Dream: The Confluence of Realism and Confucianism

      Laufer, Brittney; Department of English and Foreign Languages (Augusta University, 2014-12)
      In 2012, Xi Jinping became General Secretary, President, and the Chairman of The Central Military Commission in China. Since his start as the head of China, Mr. Xi’s speeches have referenced a nebulous concept called the “Chinese Dream.” While the “Chinese Dream” is in the early stages of its development and realization, it still offers a glimpse of what China’s international relations will strive to become. Xi Jinping has said, “The Chinese spirit brings us together and builds our country together. To create the Chinese Dream we must unite all Chinese power. As long as we stay united, we will share the opportunity to make our dreams come true” (Moore 2013, para. 8-9). These words call to mind Confucian ideals of self-improvement, community, and cooperation; furthermore, the call for “Chinese power” brings to mind the theory of realism in international relations, which emphasizes power and strength on the international level.This thesis will argue that Xi’s “Chinese Dream” is a theme that aims to increase China’s economic and military power as a regional hegemon, to establish China’s prestige as a global power surpassing the United States, and to reaffirm the legitimacy of the state and Communist Party through Confucian-based nationalism. China’s dream will ultimately upset the current status quo, and other states need to recognize this.
    • Christianity as a Coping Method for Post-Traumatic Stress Demonstrated Through 19th - and 20th -Century Literature

      Smith, Allyson; Department of English and Foreign Languages (Augusta University, 2019-05)
    • Chronic Treatment with Risperidone Modulates Molecular Signaling in the Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus

      Lalani, Ashish; Department of Biological Sciences (Augusta University, 2016-12)
      Risperidone is a commonly prescribed antipsychotic drug that is used to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and relieve irritability in autistic children. Antipsychotics are believed to work by modulating neurotransmission events such as the synaptic neurotransmitter-to-receptor interactions towards dopamine receptors to improve mood and behavior. Chronic treatment with risperidone may negatively affect learning and memory through mechanisms mediated by epigenetic changes, such as histone post-translational modifications. We completed behavioral and molecular studies and found that the results of the behavioral studies of risperidone treated show that the rats treated with risperidone may be cognitively impaired. Our molecular work showed a trend of decreased total histone H3 protein throughout the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex and increased acetylation in both the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex after chronic exposure to Risperidone for 180 days via drinking water, potentially indicative of a compensatory mechanism to increase protein expression, attempting to subsist with loss of total protein. If the prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus are not working properly due to a disruption in cellular homeostasis, then there may be an issue with long and short term memory, eventually leading to impaired cognitive processes. Further studies will need to be done such as probing the hippocampus and pre-frontal cortex for additional post-translational modifications to lysine residues such as methylation and expression of proteins associated with the molecular mechanisms that underlie memory function in other parts of the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus to develop a full story of the chronic effects of risperidone.
    • Civilizing with a Krag: U.S. Counter-Insurgency in Vietnam and Iraq

      Ritchie, George; Department of Social Sciences (Augusta University, 2018-05)
    • Coffee in Augusta

      Guajardo, Aleigna; Department of Communications; Department of History, Anthropology and Philosophy (Augusta University, 2019-05)