• Health Needs of Older Adult Women in the Rural Environment

      Conway, Mary Ann; Department of Nursing (1983-12)
      This study addressed the following research questions: 1). What are the perceived health needs of older warren in the rural environment? 2) Are. there correlations between perceived health needs .and demographic ' ' . . and sociological variables related to. these needs? The descriptive survey utilized a purposive convenience sample of 14 wanen between the I ages of 66 and 79 •. Half were black, half were white. In-hare interviews were c?nducted by the investigator utilizing. a structured . inter...: view questionnaire to collect demographic data and infonnation regarding ·five ·areas of ·health need: . health· condition, functional status,· social interaction, accessibility o~ health care and service· need •. findings revealed that rrore than half the subjects were widowed. Half ·lived alone. ·.The majority ·had inadequate incanes. A relationship between race a.n.d incane, education, self-rated health, life satisfaction, health condition and functional status was noted.. The ma.jority of the health needs. related to physical functioning and chronic' conditions. Blacks and ~ose 75 or over had rrore·chronic conditions, recent illness and physical ·symptoms and used rrore p~escription.drugs than did whites. Blacks and those under 75 reported rrore activity limitations and disability days than whites and those 75 or over. The black ~espo!fdents and. those 75 or over were less healthy than ·the whites and those under 75. The potential for accidental misuse of rredications is increased among this sample as is the possibility of physical· canplications due to inactivity and lack of exercise. A need . for· health educatio:n programs and health prorrotion, maintenance ~d restorative services targeted to this· population ~s noted.