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  • Androgen Effects on Follicular Atresia and Ovulation

    Bagnell, Carrol A; Department of Endocrinology (1983-03)
  • Estrogen Content of Human Ovarian Venous Blood

    Aydar, Cetin Kaya; Department of Endocrinology (1964-06)
  • A Comparison of Stressful Life Events, Perception, and Coping in Depressed and Nondepressed Females

    Auvenshine, Karen Elaine Rayfield; School of Nursing (1988-03)
    This study compared the number of stressful life events, the perception of these events' desirability/undesirability, and the coping methods utilized by 20 depressed female patients to those of 20 nondepressed females. Subjects were administered the Life Experiences Survey, the· Indices of Coping Responses, the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale_, and a demographic survey. Data were analyzed through a series of t tests. As _hypothesized, the depressed group had significantly higher total change scores and negative change scores. An additional· finding that the depressed group had a significantly lower positive change score was unexpected. Emotional discharge coping responses were reported significantly more often by the depressed group, and problem-solving coping responses were reported significantly less often. Although the two groups in this study differed on several d~mographic variables, th~s study's coping findings closely resembled those of a socio- ·demographically matched comparison study by Billings, Cronkite, and Moos (1983).
  • A Study of the Aminopeptidases of Human Pancreas

    Asserson, Bowen; Department of Pathology (1965-06)
  • Partial Elucidation of the Primary Structure of the Heavy Chain of a Myeloma Protein: igG GAR

    Apelgren, Lynn David; Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (1977-06)
  • Regional Variability of Dentin Permeability

    Andringa, Hans-Jan; Department of Oral Biology (1987-08)
  • Iontophoretic Application of Antiviral Agents in Laboratory Animals

    Park, No Hee; Department of Pharmacology & Toxiology (1978-06-05)
  • The Use of Sex Chromosomes as Markers to Determine The Fate of Allogenic Bone Implants

    Amin, Mohammed Assem Mahmoud; Department of Oral Biology (1979-08)
    ,This ·study investigated the survival of whole ·fresh hip marrow allografts in four genetically (DLA) mismatched mongrel dogs, paired on the basis of opposit~ sex. Allografts were placed into tooth extraction · s i'~,es: autographs and nongra fted sites served as contra 1 s. The graft material recovered from the experimental sites was grown ~vitro and chromosomal preparations made from these cells were examined for pre~ence of donor cells, at various tim~s up to 56 d~ys after transplantation. In addition, the survtval of allograft osteocytes was observed dsing histological techniques. The use of t i ssu~ cu-1 ture and chromosoma 1 prep~ rations indicated the survi va 1 of an uni denti fi ed. allogeneic cell type for up to .. 56 days. Thus, the morphologic ch~nges of t~e graft osteocytes did-correlate with the.su~viv~l .. ~·~ ' of those unidentified cells after the 20 d~j survival limit of the osteoc}t~s, indicating that allogeneic bone· cells can survive this ·long in bone grafts and may contribute to he a 1 i ng ·of the defects. ·
  • The Identification of the Requisite Knowledge and Relevant Role Activities by Nurse Administrators and the Relationship of These to Their Educational Preparation and Management Level

    Allen, Lori; Department of Nursing (1988-01)
    The purpose.of this descriptive correlational study was to identify the requisite knowledge and relevant role activities needed by nurse administrators to successfully enact their roles (first, mid, and top) and the relationship of these role knowledge areas and role.activities to their educational preparation and management level. To achieve the study purpose, two research questions and three hypotheses were tested. A total of 226 subjects participated in the study: 156 first-line nurse administrators; 44 mid level administrators.; and 26 top level nurse administrators. The study population consisted of a convenience sample of nurse administrators from five hospitals in a Southeastern metropolitan area. Data were collected through the use of the Nurse Administrative Role Aetivities ·and Knowledge (NARAA~) tool. Descriptive statistics were utilized to address the first research question. To test the hypptheses related to the second research question, ANOVA were utilized-. All three hypotheses were supported at the p=.05 level. More specifically, 13 role activities and four requisiteknowlege areas were found to be significantly different for first level .. and .top level administrators. The majority of these items were related to leadership, management, and administration of human resources. Seven role activities and 11 requisite knowledge areas were found to differ on the basis of educational preparation. Nurse administrators at each organizational level identified significantly different role activities·relevant for.their successful role enactment, but did not identify different requisite role knowledge areas. There was no significant difference in how nurses with different academic degrees rated the relevance of role activities to the success of their role enactment on the basis of academic degree. Academic degree did, however, discriminate among respondents in the degree to which they rated the relevance of requisite knowledge areas to the success of their role enactment. Other findings, limitations, implications, and suggestions for further study were discussed.
  • Alpha-Tocopherol as an Ergogenic Factor in the Guinea Pig

    Allen, Hugh Clement; Department of Anatomy (1968-06)
  • Perceived Supportive Behaviours and Occupational Stress Among Nurses

    Allanach, Elaine J.; Department of Nursing (1988-04)
  • Sex Role Stereotyping and Nursing Management Effectiveness: A Correlational Study

    JoAnn, Alderman Ortgiesen; Department of Nursing (1983-03)
    The purp se o f this study is to nvesti gate the re lationship b tween ne s percepti n of h r hi s sex role and the indivfdual s perception of her hi _management effecti ven s s A conveni enc e sample o f 20 9 Nursing Service Administrators holding membership in the S ociety of N u r s i n g s e r v c e Ad m i n f s t r a tors i n the s t a t e s of F 1 o r i d a and Georgi a was use d Data were collected usfng the Bern Sex Ro 1 e J n v e nt or y a n d t he Ma n age men t E f feet i v en e s s In struments plus a_ amogra hfc data heet All question n ires were self administered The hypoth s we e 1 There is a positive relation hip between the sel f perc eptio n of bei rig androgynous a nd the p_ercepti on of m anagement effec tfv eness he 1 d by the fern a 1 e Di r ector of Nursing Results upport the hypot esis 2 There is ne ative relationship betwe n the high femi ni n e self perception and the i ndi vi dua 1 s perception of management effecti en ss Results in d icate no fe laiionshfp exists ther fore the hypothesis ts not s up po r t e d 3 Ther e s a neg_a ti ve relati onship between the htgh m sculi ne s elf perception and the tn d vidual s percepti on of ma agem nt effentiveness Ftndings indicate that p o s t i v e r e l a t f on s h i p ex i s t s between h i g h mas c u 1 1 n e s e 1 f percep ti on and management effecti ven_e ss th e refore the hypothesis is not supported Descript ive findings indi ate that the respondents of t h i s pop u T a t i o n we r e mo s t 1 k e 1 y to be a w h i t e p r o testant female who practices her religion has a mean of 1 1 children is43 6 years of age a nd had a mother who did not work out of the home Professionally the re s p o n de n t i s tn o s t 1 i k e 1 y to h a v e a d i p 1 o m a i n n u r s i n g wi t h this di plorna being the highe st level attained hold the t i t 1 e of D i r e c tor o f N u r si n g h a s been i rt he r P res e nt p6sition fbr a mean rif 5 2 years and ha s a mean of 19 7 years of ex p e r i en c e i n n u r s i ng The respondent i s m o s t lik ly to be em ldyed in a private non profit h spit 1 with a b ect size rang irig from ld0 298 Implications are that masculine s x o1 chara teris tt s are the most desirable cha racteristics in th practice of nursing _admiJ1istratton D irections for f u rther re search 1 nc 1 u de 1 measuring andro gyny and management effectiveness usihg a behavioral base instr ment 2 comparing the perception and or behaviors bet ween male a nd f ema le nursing a dmi ni strators and between admin strators and non ad inistrati ve urses 3 the development of a valid behavioral instrument which differentiates sex role groups and management effe tiveness
  • The Effectiveness of Leadership Styles Exhibited by Nurse Administrators in the Hospital Organization

    Alba, Sheryl; Department of Nursing (1985-05)
    The purpose o~ this descriptive correlational study was to describe the nature and degrees of leadership effectiveness of nurse administrators in the hospital setting. It was designed to determine the relationships between leadership effectiveness and hospital organizational level as p~rceived by self and sign~ficant others. The population for this study was drawn from a convenience sample of nurse administrators in three hospitals in a Southeastern metropolitan area. A total of 47 nurse administtatprs ~ere inc~uded. Of these 47 subjects, 33 were first level administrators (head nurs~s and unit coordinators), 11 were·mid level administrators (associate directors of nursing, ~irectors of departments of nursing, cliriical_supervisors and assistarit~directors of nursing) and 3 we~e top l~vel administrators (director of nursing, assistant/ass6ciate administrator for nursing). In addition, each administrator 9 s immediate supervisors and one or more subordinates provided support data. Data used in this study was collected with the use of a Demographic Data Questionnaire and the Leader Effectiveness and Adaptability Description Instruments by Hersey and Blanchard (1972). The instruments were used to measure primary and secondary leadership styles, style range and flexibility, and leadership effectiveness at all levels within the nursing administration organization. Primary and secondary leadership styles indicated that first, mid, and top level respondants perceived themselves as having a dominant style of High Task/High Relationship. The next frequently used style (secondary) was High Relationship/Low Task at all levels of.nurse administrators. Style range and flexibility and leadership effectiveness was found to be moderate at all levels. ·The r~lationship of leadership effectiveness at all levels were ~xplored as was leadership effectiveness by self, superiors and subordinates. Scores were subjected to a one way analysis of variance and Tukey HSD at the p ~ 0.5 level and no significant differences were found at the various levels or by self, superiors, or subordinates. Other findings, limitations, implications and suggestions for further research are also discussed.
  • The Genetics of the Hemoglobins of the Domestic Goat

    Ray, Adams H.; Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (1970-09)
  • Experimental Pine Pollen Granuloumous Pneumonia In The Rat

    Adams, Dolph; Department of Pathology (1965-06)
  • Mothers and Fathers Greif Responses Following A Spontaneous Abortion

    Abney, Sue; Department of Nursing (1986-04)
    The purpose of this study was to examine similarities and differences between mothers• and fathers• grief responses following a spontaneous abortion. Subjects, fourteen couples .and three married females who recently experienced a spontaneous abortion, were obtained through announcements in grief support group newsletters and an employee publi,cation of a.universi'ty and a classified advertisement. Data for this retrospective study were collected through mailed questionnaires: a demographic data questionnaire,_ the Hopkins Symptom Checklist and the Impact of Event Scale. Data were analyzed ~sing descriptive statistics, t-tests and Pearson prod·uct moment carrel ati on coefficients .. Mothers scored significantly higher than fathers on the Hopkins Symptom Checklist and on the Intrusiveness subsea 1 e· of the Impact of Event Sea 1 e. There was not a s i gni fi cant difference between mothers •. and fathers • scores on the. Avoidance subscale of the Impact of Event Scale. A positive association was found between mothers with previous pregnancy losses and their scores on the Hopkins Symptom Checklisto This was not true for fatherse Parents who saw ultrasound images of the fetus prior to the spontaneous abortion scored signi_ficantly higher on the Hopkins Symptom Checklist and the Intrusiveness subscale of the Impact of Event Scale. Research findings can be used to modify current practice. Through education about the grief process following a spontaneous abortion, parents, consumers and health care professionals can gain an increas.ed ·awareness of the impact of the event. Further research in this area needs to be directed towards the influence of social class,: ethnic group, marital status, gestational age, and paternal-fetal affiliation on grief responses.

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