• Financing public health in Georgia

      Denson, Dionne; Georgia Department of Public Health (Georgia Public Health Association, 2017)
      Background: The public health system in Georgia is carried out through a hybrid governance structure. The Department of Public Health and the county boards of health have responsibility for serving the public health needs for the Georgia citizens. Funding for the Georgia public health system is derived from a number of funding sources which include federal, state, local, and private funds. Methods: Georgia's public health system relies on multiple funding streams to provide services. These public health services have the potential to provide a return on investment and positive impact on the local economy. In the hybrid governance structure, local board of health members have an important role in financing of the Georgia public health system. Results: The funding relationship between state and local boards of health is essential to support the public health system in Georgia. To maintain the public health system, funding should be integrated where possible and used to enhance or expand services. The relationship with community leaders, key stakeholders, and other organizations are important to maintaining the public health system. Conclusions: Board of Health Members understanding the Georgia public health funding structure, and the importance of the role of the local county boards of health is key to sustainability.