• Better nutrition by increased knowledge of food nutritional components

      Hayworth,Lisa; Hendricks, Tangela; Matthews, Nicole; Brenau University (Georgia Public Health Association, 2017)
      Background: The purpose of this project was to teach nutritional concepts related to MyPlate to children and families who participate in the Boys and Girls Club of Hall County (BGCHC). MyPlate is the nutrition guide published by the US Department of Agriculture; it is a pie chart depicting a plate divided into five food groups. The educational event occurred at a fall festival sponsored by the BGCHC. The intent was to offer a fun and interactive game to allow children to learn from a hands-on experience. Methods: Participants in the game were between 4 and 12 years of age and were from low income families. A matching game was developed for associating foods with the correct category of MyPlate. Results: Sixty-three percent of the children selected healthy plates with 3 out of 5 categories correct; 37% chose the unhealthy plates. Seventy-three percent of the participants stated they had previous knowledge of MyPlate. Conclusions: The conclusion reached by the Brenau University nursing students was that the concepts of MyPlate need re-enforcement throughout the community and over time.