• SACSCOC 2013 Chaos to Clarity

      Williford, Mickey; Ribble, Karen (2013-12)
    • Come Together, RIght Now

      Grillo, Jerry; GeorgiaTrend - July 2013 (GeorgiaTrend Magazine, 2013-07)
    • SACSCOC Project Structure

      Ribble, Karen; Williford, Mickey; Georgia Regents University (2013-03)
      Project Structure used for the SACSCOC Subchange Report and Visit for GRU
    • SACSCOC Proposal

      Williford, Mickey; Director of Accreditation; Georgia Regents University (2013)
      In January 2012, Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University learned they would be consolidated to form Georgia Regents University. To organize the work needed for SACSCOC approval, standardized project management techniques were employed to coordinate substantive change reporting and plan the visit by a Substantive Change Committee. Staff from Georgia Regents University will educate attendees on basic project management and discuss how they are applying the methodology to ongoing compliance with the Principles. Attendees will receive templates that can be used at their own institutions. No experience in project management is necessary to benefit from this presentation.
    • SACSCOC Project Roles and Responsibilities

      Ribble, Karen; Williford, Mickey (2012-11)
    • SACSCOC Project Charter

      Williford, Mickey; Ribble, Karen (2012-10)