• Molecular and Functional Characterization of the Carnitine Transporter OCTN2 and the Dicarboxylate Transporter NADC3

      George, Ronald L.; Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2002-03)
      The present project focused on the two transport systems. OCTN2 and NaDC3, which play a role in the transport of acetyl moieties (acetylcarnitine by OCTN2 and Nacetylaspartate by NaDC3). To better understand the physiological, biochemical and clinical significance of these two transporters, we proposed and completed the following specific aims: 1. Define the structure-function relationship of OCTN2. 2. Investigate the interrelationship between OCTN2 expression, function and PPARy. 3. Clone and functionally characterize the mouse homolog of NaDC3 and determine its expression in ocular tissues. 4. Construct a knockout vector, NaDC3-pKO, based upon the intron-exon organization of the mouse NaDC3 gene.