• Comparison of early-, late-, and non-participants in a school-based asthma management program for urban high school students

      Joseph, Christine L.M.; Saltzgaber, Jacquelyn; Havstad, Suzanne L; Johnson, Christine Cole; Johnson, Dayna; Peterson, Edward L; Alexander, Gwen; Couper, Mick P; Ownby, Dennis R; Department of Pediatrics (2011-06-6)
      Background: To assess bias and generalizability of results in randomized controlled trials (RCT), investigators compare participants to non-participants or early- to late-participants. Comparisons can also inform the recruitment approach, especially when working with challenging populations, such as urban adolescents. In this paper, we describe characteristics by participant status of urban teens eligible to participate in a RCT of a school-based, web-based asthma management program.