• Effects of Familial Substance Use on the Association between Childhood Physical Abuse and Adult Depressive Symptoms

      Cain, Lylli America; Department of Psychological Sciences (Augusta University, 2014-12)
      The objective of this study was to determine whether familial substance use serves as a moderating variable between childhood physical abuse and depressive symptomatology in adulthood. Two hypotheses were proposed: (a) that reports of childhood physical abuse and later adult depressive symptoms would correlate positively, and (b) that childhood physical abuse would be more strongly associated with adult depressive symptoms under conditions of substance use on the part of the person committing the abuse. To test these hypotheses, I asked participants about their experiences with childhood physical abuse and their current risk for depression. I also asked whether the person committing the abuse did so while under the influence of alcohol or another drug. The associations among the variables of interest (i.e., childhood physical abuse, familial substance use, and depressive symptoms scores) were not significantly correlated. Reasons for these outcomes and potential future directions for research are discussed.