• Word of Mouth Summer 2006

      Drisko, Connie L.; Baker, Toni; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Hilliard, Jennifer; Jones, Ellen Gladden; Miller, Kimberly; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Jones, Phil; Medical College of Georgia (Medical College of Georgia, 2006)
      Table of Contents: 3 New Building Moves Closer to Reality; 4 Dentistry Is Lifelong Pursuit for 2006 Graduate; 5-6 Moving Forward: Hooding Ceremony; 7-9 NewsBites; 10 A Student's Perspective; 11 STAR Student Exemplifies Hard Work, Dedicattion; 12 White Coat Ceremony; 13 Development: Scholarships Make a Big Difference; 14 Welcome Home; 15 Continuing Education.