• MCG Today [1981 Vol.10 No.2]

      Vinson, Doug; Donnelly, John; Jones, Jenny Lou; Guillebeau, Julie , Editor; Wilkes, Cheryl; Divison of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1981)
      Table of Contents: 5 Graeme Keith: On of the best heads up MCGRI campaign; 6 Renal Research: It's come a long way and has a long way to go; 10 'Why does my child have to die?'; 12 'A fine doctor and a hell of a fisherman'; 14 Phillips' pace is a rapid step-by-step; 16 Student aid losses causing concern among MCG students; 17 Homecoming 1981
    • MCG Today [1982 Vol.11 No.3]

      Carroll, Nancy; Roth, Mandy; Wilkes, Cheryl; Houston, William H.; Austin, James C.; Vinson, Doug; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1982)
      Table of Contents: 2 Campus News; 5 Toby Ivey, Jr. -- an advocate of education in Georgia ; 8 The SAVSAT success story; 10 The life and times of Arnold; 13 Student loan repayment at MCG bucks national trend; 18 Class Notes