• MCG Today [1980 Vol.9 No.1]

      McDonald, Thomas; Vinson, Doug; Weber, Julie; Donnelly, John; Chandler, Jane Downing; Guillebeau, Julie , Editor; Vaughn, Alex H.; Austin, James C.; Vinson, Doug; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1980)
      Table of Contents: 2 Homecoming '80 promises something for everyone; 4 Charlie who?; 5 Alumni News; 7 He's a country doctor with the boogie- woogie beat; 8 Campus News; 10 'Love of people makes it simple'; 11 Institute puts bite on poor nutrition; 12 He was a scholar, surgeon and soldier; 17 'Change imaginatively' is the '80s challenge; 18 Classnotes