• MCG Today [1976 Vol.5 No.3]

      Crabbe, Richard; Guillebeau, Julie , Editor; Nichols, Donald G.; Hancock, Kenneth F.; Martin, Susan K.; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1976)
      Table of Contents: 4-6 Elberton, one of Georgia's rural communities, has recognized its need and responsibility to attract physicians. Its program seems to be working.; 7-8 Recently-enacted legislation directs MCG to develop a clinical training program for U.S. citizens studying in foreign medical schools. The 'Fifth Pathway' is responsive to H.B. 1560.; 9-15 Getting accepted in to medical school is no longer as easy as it once was. Ken Hancock offers some insights into the challenges and competition as well as suggestions for budding physicians.; 16-21 Ever wonder what physicians do in there spare time? Many confess they don't have any spare time. Not Ed Flowers. You might say he's on the right track.; 22- 27 On Campus & Alumni News
    • MCG Today [1976 Vol.6 No.1]

      Austin, James C.; Mims, Dorothy H.; Crabbe, Richard; Christensen, Laurence; Guillebeau, Julie , Editor; Ray, Charlie; Bowers, Al; Austin, James C.; Nichols, Donald G.; Martin, Susan K.; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 1976)
      Table of Contents: 4-11 The Medical College of Georgia officially dedicated the new Virgil P. Sydenstricker Wing edition to Talmadge Hospital on October 13,1976. Events of the day are pictured along with a tribute to the man.; 12-17 There's a man in Dublin, Georgia who graduated from MCG in 1934. He may well be one of the busiest doctors around.; 18-21 With his own child's fate resting in his hands, Dr. FitzGerald reached for the telephone that night in July 1969. He placed an emergency 800 number call to an internationally-known specialist in newborn care who is on the faculty of the University of Alabama in Birmingham Medical Center.; 22 For the first time in ten years applications to enter medical schools in the U.S. are down. However, MCG did not follow this national trend in 1976.; 23-24 Alumni News & Classnotes; 25 . . . And a cast of thousands
    • MCG Today [1977 Vol.6 No.3]

      Austin, James C.; Miller, Max; Strong, William B.; Austin, James C.; Nichols, Donald G.; Martin, Susan K.; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1977)
      Table of Contents: 2 Editors; 3 Behind the Lines; 4-5 It's something in the air; 6-10 The killer is atherosclerosis;11 Thank you, Gainesville civic clubs; 12-13 Sesquicentennial Endowment Fund Summary Report at a Glance: Through May 1977; 14-16 The President says... We're making progress in some areas, but we're behind schedule on others.; 17-18 How to celebrate 150 years; 19-21 Meet your Alumni Editors; 22-29 Campus & Alumni News; 30 Nominations sought for outstanding alumnus award.