• MCG Today [1980 Vol.9 No.2]

      Dirksen, Tom; Ellison, Lois T.; Guillebeau, Julie , Editor; Vinson, Doug; Donnelly, John; Austin, James C.; Vaughn, Alex H.; Guillebeau, Julie , Editor; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1980)
      Table of Contents: 2 Research plays important role in School of Dentistry; 4 Cmapus News; 6 Hinman dental meeting has long history; 7 Homecoming 1980; 14 " A life worth giving"; 17 Delivery suites becoming site of surgical OB procedures; 18 'Must put back into community,' MCG alumni president feels; 20 Antique car collection 'not a conscious effort'; 22 They may be prisoners but they are treated as patients first at Talmadge; 23 Class Notes