• MCG Today [1976 Vol.6 No.1]

      Austin, James C.; Mims, Dorothy H.; Crabbe, Richard; Christensen, Laurence; Guillebeau, Julie , Editor; Ray, Charlie; Bowers, Al; Austin, James C.; Nichols, Donald G.; Martin, Susan K.; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 1976)
      Table of Contents: 4-11 The Medical College of Georgia officially dedicated the new Virgil P. Sydenstricker Wing edition to Talmadge Hospital on October 13,1976. Events of the day are pictured along with a tribute to the man.; 12-17 There's a man in Dublin, Georgia who graduated from MCG in 1934. He may well be one of the busiest doctors around.; 18-21 With his own child's fate resting in his hands, Dr. FitzGerald reached for the telephone that night in July 1969. He placed an emergency 800 number call to an internationally-known specialist in newborn care who is on the faculty of the University of Alabama in Birmingham Medical Center.; 22 For the first time in ten years applications to enter medical schools in the U.S. are down. However, MCG did not follow this national trend in 1976.; 23-24 Alumni News & Classnotes; 25 . . . And a cast of thousands
    • MCG Today [1977 Vol.6 No.2]

      Austin, James C.; Guillebeau, Julie , Editor; Coulbourn, Keith; Crabbe, Richard; Christensen, Laurence; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1977)
      Table of Contents: 3 Behind the Lines; 4-6 Dr. Ahlquist receives pharmacology's highest honor for his clinical research work on alpha-beta receptors; 7-10 Research pays off for burn victims; 11-13 Hugh N. Bussey, M.D., Class of '08; 14-15 Searching; 16-18 Grover Cleveland Maxwell: " When I was a boy, we never had anything to give away."; 19-20 How long since your will had a check up?; 20-21 New Foundation annual giving program highlighted by special giving clubs; 22-23 Sesquicentennial Endowment Fund Summary Report at a Glance: Through January 1977; 24 Sesquicentennial Endowment Fund Alumni Participation by Class: Through January 31, 1977; 25-30 National, Campus & Alumni News
    • MCG Today [1982 Vol.11 No.4]

      Christensen, Laurence; Baker, Toni; Austin, James C.; Vinson, Doug; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1982)
      Table of Contents: 2 Campus News; 4 Energetic School of Medicine alumni president provides leadership; 6 Saving Lives -- Talmadge Shock Trauma Unit provides intensive critical care; 11 Mankind's three greatest foes; 13 Class notes; 15 The 1981-82 Benchmark