• MCG Today [2006 Vol.34 No.2]

      Brown, Caryl C.; Baker, Toni; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Humphrey, Deborah; Miller, Kimberly; Hilliard, Jennifer; Walls, Sharron C.; Duva, Tony; Division of University Advancement; Division of Strategic Support (Medical College of Georgia, 2006)
      Table of Contents: 2 Newsbriefs; 7 The Results Are In...:Market research verified MCG's excellent reputation; 8 2006 State of the University Address: President Rahn cites MCG's growing role in the statewide landscape; 16 Speaking the Same Language: An NIH planning grant will expedite translational research; 19 A Jumpstart for Business: The MCG incubator ramps up biomedical business in the community and state; 22 Double Whammy?: A study explores schizophrenics risk of diabetes; 24 Giving Voice to Schizophrenia: Brian's story reflects the human toll of a devastating disease; 27 Back in Control: A bladder pacemaker improved quality of life; 28 Out and About: A web site brings accessibility information to the disabled; 30 Innovation in Education: A nobel biocare contract will strengthen the dental school's mission; 32 Something to Smile About: A new dental implant induces bone regeneration; 34 Profile in Giving: Col. Gwendolyn Fryer: 'The Faculty Challenged me to Excel.'; 35 Gift Planning: Your IRA can help optimize MCG's mission; 36 Newsmakers and New Faces; 38 Class Notes; 41 Reflections: Who will care for us?