• MCG Medicine [Spring/Summer 2017]

      Bakr, Toni; Moores, Danielle Wong; Scott, Jennifer Hilliard; Baker, Toni; Office of Communication and Marketing; Jones, Phil; Medical College of Georgia
      Table of Contents: From the Dean (2), From the President (4), News and Views (6), Beyond Capacity: High blood pressure and cell death: It's the classic question of the chicken or the egg (8), Chair Profile: A Matter of Connection: Dr. Clinton Webb (14), The Why and the How: The struggles of sickle cell disease (18), Welcome Home, Tommy: Dr. Tommy Leonard Jr., '73, & other MCG trailblazers in desegregation are recognized (26), Alumni Profile: The Only Place To Be: Dr Bill Pannell, '72 (31), Donor Profile: The Life and Times of Dr. Jones: Dr. Henry Berner Jones, Jr., '50 (34), More Alumni and Philanthropy News (38), Picture This (45), In Memoriam (46), Class Notes (48).