• MCG Today [2006 Vol.33 No.3]

      Rahn, Daniel W.; Snell, Don; Jones, Ellen Gladden; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Miller, Kimberly; Baker, Toni; Humphrey, Deborah; Hilliard, Jennifer; Marion, Lucy; Bannan, Mary; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 2006)
      Table of Contents: 2 Newsbriefs; 6 A Stronger Institution: MCG President Daniel W. Rahn cites extraordinary progress in the face of unprecedented challenges; 8 Branching Out: MCG's educational reach extends well beyond Augusta; 14 At The Ready: Two new grants put Georgia on the cutting edge of disaster preparedness; 16 The Big Picture: An MCG physician puts his classroom training to work for hurricane victims; 18 Home Away From Home: Hurricane-displaced students find a welcome mat at MCG; 20 The Longest Three Hours: The REACH program brings MCG expertise to rural stroke patients; 23 A Worthy Endeavor: Mission work brings an MCG alumnus and his family to Central Asia; 25 Pipeline Power: A federal grant expands programs aimed at interesting minorities in health careers; 27 Profiles in Giving: Drs. Martha Bradshaw and Betty Pond; 28 Gift Planning; 29 School News: School-by-school news for faculty, students and alumni; 53 Reflections: A flood of emotions
    • MCG Today [2006 Vol.33 No.4]

      Rahn, Daniel W.; Snell, Don; Baker, Toni; Humphrey, Deborah; Moores, Danielle Wong; Miller, Kimberly; Hilliard, Jennifer; Jones, Ellen Gladden; Duva, Tony; Bushnell, Brandon; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 2006)
      Table of Contents: 2 Newsbriefs; 8 Ready, Set...STOP: Groundbreaking sickle cell research continues to shape treatment; Ironing Out the Problem: A new pill eases treatment of iron overload; Breathing Easier: Nitric oxide may help sickle cell patients; 'Like a New Life': Advances in sickle cell treatment open the door to happy childhoods; 16 Minimal Disruption, Maximal Satisfaction: Surgical techniques put surgeons on the cutting edge; 18 'Please, Just Come': An MCG physician organizes a trip to Pakistan to treat earthquake victims; 20 V or Valor: An MCG resident receives a Bronze Star for Heroism in Iraq; 22 A Perfect Mix: An MCG oral surgeon helps future generations bone up on implants; 24 A Group Effort: 'Sisterhood' breaths life into a smoking-cessation program; 26 Clearing the Smokescreen: A program works with schools and parents to prevent tobacco use; 28 Willing and Able: Encouragement and adaptation help a student overcome her disability; 30 Innovation in Education: Technology puts information in the palms of students' hands; 32 Homecoming Honorees: MCG will honor distinguished alumni in April; 34 Profiles in Giving: Dr. and Mrs. Quentin T. Lawson Sr.; 35 Gift Planning: The Society of 1828; 36 Newsmakers; 37 Welcome, New Faculty; 38 Class Notes; 41 Reflections: The Way My Pop Did It
    • MCG Today [2006 Vol.34 No.1]

      Rahn, Daniel W.; Snell, Don; Baker, Toni; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Humphrey, Deborah; Miller, Kimberly; Jones, Ellen Gladden; Duva, Tony; Danneman, Ilana M.; Division of University Advancement; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 2006)
      Table of Contents: 2 Newsbriefs; 8 A Go-Forward Blueprint: The School of Medicine; 12 A Symbol of Preeminence: MCG unveils its Cancer Research Center; 13 Harnessing Knowledge: MCG's Cancer Center director shares his vision for success; 16 Faces of Cancer: MCG helps patients live full, healthy lives; 19 Leadership is a Privilege: CDC Director Julie Gerberding urges graduates to make wise choices; 23 Patient Advocate: The Board Award honors a medical student's compassion; 24 Passing the Torch: A retiring chair reflects on his tenure as his successor plans for the future; 27 Blazing New Trails: New chair cites faculty's depth and breadth of knowledge; 28 Her Light in Life: A nursing student and longtime educator is honored posthumously; 30 Innovations in Education: Digital recording technology makes coursework portable; 32 Profiles in Giving: Dr. Lamar Batts Peacock: 'I give MCG all the credit.'; 33 Gift Planning: Charitable gifts help donors save for retirement.; 34 Newsmakers; 36 Welcome, New Faculty; 37 Class Notes; 41 Reflectons: An alumna discovers her 'abilitations' are limitless
    • Word of Mouth Summer 2006

      Drisko, Connie L.; Baker, Toni; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Hilliard, Jennifer; Jones, Ellen Gladden; Miller, Kimberly; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Jones, Phil; Medical College of Georgia (Medical College of Georgia, 2006)
      Table of Contents: 3 New Building Moves Closer to Reality; 4 Dentistry Is Lifelong Pursuit for 2006 Graduate; 5-6 Moving Forward: Hooding Ceremony; 7-9 NewsBites; 10 A Student's Perspective; 11 STAR Student Exemplifies Hard Work, Dedicattion; 12 White Coat Ceremony; 13 Development: Scholarships Make a Big Difference; 14 Welcome Home; 15 Continuing Education.