• The Beeper [1988 Vol. 9, No. 13]

      Deriso, Christine Hurley; Waller, David; Calloway, Karin G.; Baker, Toni; Corinth, Gwen; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Watkins, Elizabeth H.; Hickey, Judson C.; Anderson, John T.; Foster, George; et al. (Medical College of Georgia, 1988-07-06)
      The Beeper, a campus publication, is produced weekly featuring the Medical College of Georgia’s faculty, staff, and students activities, research, and accomplishments; including campus announcements and news.
    • The Beeper [1999 Vol. 9, No. 6]

      Simkins, Sally L.; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Baker, Toni; Steele, Deborah; Simkins, Sally L.; Division of Institutional Relations; Division of Strategic Support (Medical College of Georgia, 1999-03-25)
      Features this week include: Countdown to SACS site visit; Blissit award nomination deadline nears; Regents authorize wellness center; X-ray technology: you've come a long way, baby; FACTS campaign goal set; Barry Quesnel in Who's Who; Flu vaccination 88 percent effective; MCG advertisements win local awards; Eckerd offers more than pills for aches and pains; Children and healthcare week celebrated at CMC; Special folks work year-round for CMC; Utah professor to address Deans' Symposia; Michael Thurmond to address Stoney dinner; Mentors needed for summer program; Living with grief teleconference scheduled; When is temperature really 'fever'?; Drug to alleviate pain of Sickle Cell investigated; Parking issues being tackled by task force; Robin Southwood goes bald-on purpose.