• The Beeper [1998 Vol. 8, No. 10]

      Yarborough, Susan L.; Baker, Toni; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Yarborough, Susan L.; Division of Institutional Relations; Division of Strategic Support (Medical College of Georgia, 1998-05-21)
      Features this week include: MCG Commencement: June 6; Governor praises CMC as a place for all Georgia's children; "Thanks for a wonderful CMC dedication and family day celebration"; Mr Mathis: a big job just keeps getting bigger; Wal-Mart volunteers give best for CMN and CMC; Keep the CMC a winner: Support the weekend of champions; Scholarship fund endowed for African American dental students; Difference in merit salary adjustment explained; Implantable drug pump helps relieve spasticity in children; Study probes how mistakes in cell signaling cause blood vessel overgrowth; Study seeks whether treatment for baldness masks prostate cancer indicator; Nurse pursues multiple paths in field.