• The Beeper [1981 Vol. 2, No. 5]

      Donnelly, John; Vinson, Doug; Vaughn, Alex H.; Division of Institutional Relations; Division of Strategic Support (Medical College of Georgia, 1981-02-04)
      Features this week include: MCG will host Tour and See Day this month; Preventive orthodontics straightens children out at an early age; Stereotypes disproved in MCG study with children; Course for instructors to be offered; Dr. Boe named to head radiation therapy center; National health quiz to be given Feb. 15; Dental lab technician can be own boss; Regents approve construction plans for MCG; Pashley to present seminar
    • The Beeper [1990 Vol. 12, No. 5]

      Neal, Stephanie; Baker, Toni; Neal, Stephanie; Jones, Phil; Tedesco, Francis J.; Osborne, James B.; Foster, George; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1990-03-22)
      The Beeper, a campus publication, is produced weekly featuring the Medical College of Georgia’s faculty, staff, and students activities, research, and accomplishments; including campus announcements and news.