• The Beeper [2001 Vol. 11, No. 10]

      Deriso, Christine Hurley; Sipple, Katja; Baker, Toni; Douglass, Michele A.; Deriso, Christine Hurley; Sipple, Katja; Division of Institutional Relations; Division of Strategic Support (Medical College of Georgia, 2001-05-17)
      Features this week include: Nursing student receives John F. Beard award; Graduates urged to be risk-takers; MCG rewards nursing graduate student for academic excellence; MCG School of Medicine faculty awards presented May 1; Erie P. Blissit nominations sought; Academic recognition day honors respiratory therapy student; Awards presented in School of Allied Health Sciences; Love of art spurs change of heart; Dental hygiene student likes hands-on challenge; Mouth device can transform snoring into sounds of silence; Mr. Kellett awarded honorary degree; Award-winning design of Children's Medical Center attracts visitors from afar.