• The Beeper [2008 Vol. 18, No. 3]

      Baker, Toni; Walls, Sharron C.; Connell, Amy; Hilliard, Jennifer; Humphrey, Deborah; Parrish, Denise; Williams, Julie; Walls, Sharron C.; Division of University Advancement (Medical College of Georgia, 2008-02-06)
      Features this week include: MCG students and faculty help teens shape up; Expansion "a work in progress"; MCGHealth offers guest meals for family members; ALS clinic receives national certification; Saving little hearts; Shredding, recycling programs to consolidate; Meeting the governor; New copy center more convenient; Presenting history; Cell division studies hint at future cancer therapy; Risk factors for Parkinson's disease under study; President's Corporate Partnership Program helps MCG, community; Stem cell therapy studies for stroke, cerebral palsy prepare for clinical trials; Dr. Messias selected for global disease study.