• Word of Mouth Spring 2008

      Drisko, Connie L.; Walls, Sharron C.; Connell, Amy; Hinely, Paula; Miller, Kimberly; Weiler, Michael; Loftis, Brooke; Walls, Sharron C.; Jones, Phil; Medical College of Georgia (Medical College of Georgia, 2008)
      Table of Contents: 2-3 News BITES; 4-5 Faculty BITES; 6-7 Staff BITES; 8-9 Students Give Kids a Smile; 10-13 A Competitive Race: The Admissions Process; 14-16 The Gift of Learning: Dr. Ronald Goldstein; 17 Research BITES; 18-19 Student BITES; 20 Alliance Offers Support to Spouses; 21 Dental Student Empathizes with Patients; 22-23 Student Voice; 24 Student Spotlight; 25 Leadership Matters; 26-27 Teeth in an Hour; 28-29 Capitol Gain: MCG Dental Students and Admninistration Participate in Law Day; 30-31 Development; 32 No Place Like Home.