• MCG Today [1971 Vol.1, No.3]

      Bryant, Vernon; Bowers, Donald F.; Williams, J. Earl; Grant, E. Louise; Lewis, Mary M.; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1971)
      Table of Contents: 2-6 Vernon Bryant's Diary; 7-9 The Definition of a Dentist; 10-13 Allied Health Today & Tomorrow; 14a-15 Where Theres A Will...; 16-19 It's Symbolic; 20-21 Dean's Page; 22-30 Foundation News & Classnotes
    • MCG Today [1981 Vol.10 No.4]

      Carroll, Nancy; Grant, E. Louise; Chandler, Jane Downing; Austin, James C.; Vinson, Doug; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1981)
      Table of Contents: 6 From accountant to vice president -- 40 years of dedicated service; 8 Looking back to the beginning -- the School of Nursing; 11 "Have courage and search for the truth in everything"; 17 The Leadership Giving Clubs (The Presidents Club, The Founders Club); 18 The Annual Giving Clubs (The Aesculapius Club, The Associates of The Aesculapius Club; 24 Other Leadership Giving -- Foundations, Corporations and other groups; 25 Gifts in Honor and Memory