• MCG Today [1977 Vol.6 No.4]

      Austin, James C.; Vinson, Doug; Goodale, Fairfield; Wilson, Linda; Unger, Walter J.; Crabbe, Richard; Hooper, John W.; Harrison, J. Harold; Division of Institutional Relations (Medical College of Georgia, 1977)
      Table of Contents: 1 Behind the Lines; 2-4 Dr. Raymond A. Moody, Jr. Author of best seller, Life After Life; 5-6 Practical Cogitations; 7 "AMA" takes on a new meaning for administrators; 8-9 Campus News; 10-13 Health Philantropy and Public Poilcy; 14-15 Death: The inevitable winner; 16-17 Sesquicentennial Endowment Fund Summary Report at a Glance: Through August 1977; 18-20 Rinker Urologic Society Honors Dr. Greenblatt ; 21-23 Research Responsibilities of University Faculty; 24-25 Mike & Jenny . . . not just playing doctors; 26-30 The answer was obvious; 31-32 Alumni News & Classnotes