• A. Augusta University's Alumni Magazine [Spring 2018 Vol. 3 No. 1]

      Garrett, Nick; Meagher, Brennan; Johnson, Eric; Division of Communications and Marketing
      Table of Contents: Welcome Home (In Place, One the Calendar, 3 QS, Dispatch From, From the Wire, Answers Along the Way, Eye on Campus); Closer Look (Alone in the Woods (16), After the Applause (22), Only Here (26), Constant Guardians (30)); On Our Way (Secret Lives, Through the Lens, Class Notes, History & Heritage, Value Added, In the Field).
    • Cyber Augusta [Summer 2018 Vol. 1 No. 1]

      Takahashi, Arthur; Harris, Danielle; Meagher, Brennan; Garrett, Nick; Division of Communications and Marketing (Augusta University, 2018)
      Table of Contents: Moving Downtown (1), Protecting Our Children (4), Cyberattacks Across the Decades (4), From Kid to Code Warrior (6), Keeping It Under Wraps (7), Cyber Tsunami Warning for Augusta (8), Hacking Hospitals: A Critical Condition (12), Winston's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (16), Georgia Researchers Leading the Way (18), It Came From the Future (22), That Time a Movie Drove Federal Policy (29), Cyber Scares on the Silver Screen (29), Augusta Metro Cybersecurity Workforce Study (30), Endgame: A step too far in cyberwar (31), Augusta, Georgia: In a different league (31), Safety Saying Goodbye (32).